How to combine a blue garment well?

If when we open our closet we see a garment such as a suit, polo shirt, t-shirt, sweater, pants, shirt … Blue. With what other colors can we combine these blue clothes? The blue color is one of the most used by us, men, when it comes to dressing and that is why I want … Read more

How to dress for a pool party?

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How to choose a suit: The best tips and tricks

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Learn how to tie a tie

Today in Fashion They want to teach you how to tie a tie. Something that seems simple but many find it very difficult, in my case, in previous jobs, I always left my tie tied so I wouldn’t have to do it the next day, call me lazy if you want… I deserve it. How … Read more

Tips for perfect care in summer

Basic tips so that this summer you are in top shape and enjoying your vacation to the fullest. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Eating habits In summer we neglect our diet a lot, we spend more time on the terraces and enjoying fast food, but what if we prepare quick meals that are healthier to … Read more