The best books on men’s fashion

You are a fan of fashion, you have all the trends of the moment, but do you know the history and origin of each of them? If your answer is no, you are in luck, because we are going to give you the list of your life. One of the best books on men’s fashion so that you know the why and when of the history of fashion.

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The best men’s fashion books

Reading the best books on men’s fashion helps to understand many things about current trends. Why are there cyclical fashions, why are there trends that don’t last, what are the cursed colors… In the end, fashion, like life, has its history and men’s fashion has the same or more than women’s. These are the best men’s fashion books.

Manual of the perfect gentleman. Basic rules of good dress

“Elegance in clothing is synonymous with simplicity and knowing how to be”.

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Jose María López-Galiacho with a prologue by Rafael Medina is a reference in men’s fashion at all levels. The author was the creator of the blog El Aristocrata, a benchmark for the most classic masculine trends, when nobody paid attention to fashion. At least in the male realm.

As a pioneer and as a reference, the Manual of the perfect gentleman. Basic rules of good dressing is not only the best books on men’s fashion, it is a fashion bible. A book that should be reread, at least once a year, which gains in quality over the years.

Prodigious Myrmidons. Anthology and apology of dandyism

“What do we call dandyism?”

Leticia García and Carlos Primo with a prologue by Luis Antonio de Villena and illustrated by Marina Domínguez. This work goes back two centuries, and how men’s fashion has evolved. From the anonymous eccentrics and refined dandies, to the impeccable sobriety of George Brummell, through the elegance of the British working class of the 60s

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One of the best men’s fashion books and a compendium of stories, essays, articles and pieces of novels by up to 18 well-known authors. From Tom Wolfe, to Thomas Henry Lister, through Albert Camus or Virginia Woolf. A must-have for anyone who claims to call themselves elegant.

Beau Brummel: the last dandy

“He was a dandy, an exhibitionist, ingenious, truly original, who did not doubt for a single moment his good taste in clothes.”

Ian Kelly tells the unmissable story of the ultimate dandy. The man who changed fashion sense in the UK and around the world. The man who invented the suit. The man who established Saville Row, the street of London tailor shops, as the epicenter of fashion at the beginning of the 19th century.

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Those who know his story say it was a combination of Oscar Wilde, Andy Warhol and David Beckham. With exquisite fashion sense and a tongue as sharp as a needle. He became Minister of Fashion and his story is still valid, almost two centuries later.

The perfect gentleman

“What are the basic items that should be in the closet of everyone who wants to dress and feel like a true gentleman?”

Robert O’Byrne with translation by Isabel Merino and illustrations by Lord Dunsby. It is a book that seeks to bring out the best and most elegant in every man. A Robert O’Byrne whose references are characters recognizable by all. From Don Draper (Mad Men) to James Bond. Sure bets.

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The perfect gentleman and its 128 pages are among the best men’s fashion books for capturing fashion with logic, common sense and with unusual advice, for taking it for granted. The first, cleanliness. In addition, the illustrations that accompany the text are a perfect guide to know how to be the perfect gentleman.

Treatise on Elegant Life

“The treaty that marked the path of dandyism”

Honoré de Balzac with translation by Lluís María Todó. Without a doubt, one of the best men’s fashion books in history. Its author marvelously combines his style lessons with the most acid and fine humor. A compilation of hilarious anecdotes and a text loaded with aphorisms that, back in 1830, established a chair marking the basis of what dandyism would be.

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Recognized authors such as Barbey d’Aurevilly or Charles Baudelaire were clearly inspired by this essential work. A written sample of what would be the future of fashion in the 19th century and that would have its culmination in Oscar Wilde. All with one premise, to give all men guidelines on how to lead an elegant life.

Dressing by the feet. The style secrets of the true gentleman

“How should a wedding guest dress? Is it correct to wear a shirt and tie with the same print? And loafers with a suit? Can shirts be rolled up?”

David García Bragado, with a prologue by James Sherwood, is the author of this work. A work that, in addition to a manual on knowing how to dress, is an illustrated jewel with more than 200 images that shed light on the exhibitions.

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The author has taken his blog, Dressing for your feet, to a book in which he collects what every man who seeks guidance in the world of fashion should know. It is among the best men’s fashion books because it is a reference for fashion experts, as well as for beginners in the field. The guide that every man should follow.

100 years of men’s fashion

“A century of references compiled in an essential work”

Cally Blackman with translation by Ramón Martínez Castellote. An entire century that compiles the best collection of photos of the revolution and the evolution of men’s fashion. Diversity, inventiveness, daring… From the elegant creations of Saville Row, to the denim revolution, through designers such as Ralph Lauren, Pierre Cardin or Giorgio Armani.

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100 Years of Men’s Fashion spans the entire 20th century. And it does so in a curious way, divided into two parts, but not half a century each, but from 1900 to 1939 and from 1940 to 2000. Why? No spoilers. Just saying that Cally Blackman’s enthusiasm is contagious. Impossible to read one of the best books on men’s fashion and not love it even more.

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