Tips for perfect care in summer

Basic tips so that this summer you are in top shape and enjoying your vacation to the fullest.

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Eating habits

In summer we neglect our diet a lot, we spend more time on the terraces and enjoying fast food, but what if we prepare quick meals that are healthier to continue betting on a healthy and attractive body?

In the first image that we show you, you can see a light and perfect recipe for summer, low in fat and with a lot of flavor, because the ingredients are well studied. Look at the turkey bacon that appears in the ingredients, it is from ElPozo’s BienStar range and contains 70% less fat than pork bacon, the same flavor but lighter.

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Even if you’re on vacation, don’t forget to get some daily exercise. You can continue taking care of your abs with the advice that we have been giving you in different articles, choose to walk and climb stairs because vacations are not the same as leading a sedentary life.

Hair care

If our hair in general needs all the care we can give it, during the summer it is more necessary than ever to pay extra attention to it, since we expose it to chlorine from swimming pools, saline sea water and high exposure to the sun.

Choose a good mask for your hair and avoid excessive use of gels or gels that can damage your scalp.

Sun care

A few days ago we talked about the dangers of the new fashion for sun tattoos, well, don’t forget to use a good protector to avoid burns when you are exposed to the sun, wear good sunglasses to protect your eyes and do not waste the use of a cap or hat if you are going to be in the sun for a long time.

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latest trends

Of course, don’t forget to keep your summer looks following the latest trends that we discuss every day on the blog.

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