Pantyhose for men, does anyone dare?

For all those guys who thought it would never happen to them, well, here I bring you some news that I don’t know if you will consider good or bad, the fact is that it’s real. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); It is about the pantyhose for men. Yes, the stockings you see your girlfriends … Read more

What is the dress code? Types

The so-called dress code actually consists of a series of dress codes for both men and women. Although it is true that many people tend to see them not with very good eyes, particularly due to the tremendous effort involved in having to wear a series of items of clothing in accordance with said code. … Read more

The perfect look to flirt in 2013

New year, new goals. Has flirting more become one of those goals? Or do you want to find a partner once and for all? Today in Moda Ellos we show you the best looks to give you the point of confidence you need and to start this year 2013 with a partner, or help you … Read more

How you can combine a striped sweater

Striped sweaters are the typical garment that you can use for any plan. With a marine inspiration, discreet character and very funny. A garment that can get us out of more than one trouble when we don’t know what to wear. Also, we can combine it with shoes, loafers or high boots, and even with … Read more