How to dress for a pool party?

Taking advantage of the heat, “pool parties” are usually held and you will surely They will invite more than one. That is why we have decided to make this article so that you are prepared in the event that you are invited to a pool party. I have to tell you that a bathing suit will not be enough to attend this type of celebration, therefore, it is convenient to know how to dress for a pool party

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As I told you before, the bathing suit will not be enough to be able to attend a pool party. The party will be held around the pool, it does not have to be inside it. So you will need a more complete look that makes you look very trendy, and at the same time that you go well dressed.

Night or day

Go ahead, a pool party, be it night or day, will kill all your guests in the pool. It will depend on how fast you are, the amount of clothes you can save from the splash. However, until it’s time for the pool, it’s a good idea to differentiate between a night pool party and a daytime pool party.

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As usual, they are during the day, we are going to develop this look throughout the article. Now, we are going to focus on how to dress for a pool party at night. A party that is supposed to be more elegant, suggestive and adult than those held in full sunlight.

Of course, keep in mind that, despite being night, it is possible that it still starts with sun. Seize it. I eat? Wearing something that nobody wears and taking the looks from the moment you enter. In this case, an American. What is very hot? Think that you are only going to take it from the car to the entrance and when you enter and everyone has seen you, you will take it off. Try, yes, that it is linen so as not to die of heat.

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Beyond the jacket, the right option for a pool party at night is a long-sleeved shirt, chino shorts and espadrilles. The shirt rolled up, the pants above the knees and the essential sunglasses. An accessory is also not bad, like a gold chain or a bracelet.

Shirt or t-shirt?

It is advisable that you opt for a shirt that is light and made of cotton or linen. Short-sleeved shirts would be perfect for this occasion, but if you don’t like them, there are many like you, you can wear them rolled up to make your look fresher. Take it outside, it will give a more casual touch. You must remember that there are shirts that have a much straighter cut at the bottom to be worn outside.

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T-shirts are allowed. Use one that has original prints or a current design. You can use, if you want tank tops, if that’s what you like, but design or patterned. Don’t even think about wearing your underwear!

Now, if you want to bet on elegance, even in the pool, the plain polo shirt is a safe bet. Combine it with a not too strident bermuda shorts and you will see that the effect is sensational. Pastel tones (pink, orange, yellow…) always work very well in contrast with water.


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Swimsuits are a must to go to a pool party, unless you don’t want to get in the water, but I’m afraid that’s going to be impossible. Take care that your swimsuit is always in good condition and that it fits your body shape well. A swimsuit that is too big or baggy doesn’t look very good.

Bermuda shorts or shorts

Bermuda shorts are perfect for making a good impression at a pool party. You can wear shorts to have it as an extra and dry garment. “You already know how uncomfortable it is to go with a wet swimsuit all the time.”

Hats, caps and glasses

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Hats and beanies are a resounding yes at a pool party. Not only will they protect your head, but they will add a cool point to your look. The best option will always be the hat, but the cap, at any given moment, can also help you stand out.


You don’t need to wear sandals. If you want to show off a much more fashionable look, choose boat shoes, espadrilles or even moccasins that match the colors of your clothes.

And this is how you should dress if you are invited to a pool party and you want to be one of the most elegant in it. If not, put on the first thing you catch and know a few more. Each one chooses their role in this type of event.

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