How to combine a blue garment well?

If when we open our closet we see a garment such as a suit, polo shirt, t-shirt, sweater, pants, shirt … Blue. With what other colors can we combine these blue clothes? The blue color is one of the most used by us, men, when it comes to dressing and that is why I want … Read more

The best tricks to look great in photos

Don’t you look good in a photo since your First Communion? And not even that, remember you were a sailor. But don’t worry, looking good in the photos is not a matter of beauty, but of practice. What’s more, when you read the best tricks to look great in photos, you will discover the noble … Read more

Beauty products for men

Although it seemed that women were the only ones who should take care of their bodies in order to be young and beautiful over time, the truth is that in the Currently men also take care of themselves and in fact in the market they can find a variety of beauty products for them. (adsbygoogle … Read more