What to Wear With Orange Shirt

Being confident is an essential part of any man’s life and dressing well has a huge contribution towards permeating self-credence. While it is commonly known that fashion is what we feel comfortable in (which is also true to quite an extent), looking presentable is what gets the priority. 

Most of us have this considerable confusion about which colour to pair with which one. There is no standard rule to answer that query but we can definitely experiment with our choices. Taking 1 step at a time, in this article, we are going to talk about how you can experiment with orange colour. So, what to wear with your orange shirt guys? Let’s take a look

1. White Chinos:

orange shirt outfit men's

Chinos are the new trousers and can go well with all kinds of top wear. Especially if it’s a casual shirt, white chinos will definitely complement the colour and add up to the grace and funk. As white is always right, pairing it with white chinos can definitely give you a fresh ray of hope and confidence. 

Added tip: Pair the orange shirt and white chinos combo with a pair of sneakers of your choice to spice up the charm.

2. Blue trousers: 

what to wear with orange t-shirt

If you are bored with your monotonous 9-5 job and want to add some spice, dressing up well will for sure help you out. You can rest assured, risk-free experiment with your clothing at your workplace isn’t a crime. In fact, it can help you crack deals with your clients (self-presentation always matters). All you need to do is pick a dark shade of your orange shirt and pair it with blue trousers and black formal shoes. And you are ready to shine!!!!

3. Beige Jeans/joggers:

light orange shirt combination

If you want a relaxed, easy-breezy outlook, you can definitely opt for beige jeans or joggers to pair with your orange shirt. Light cotton orange shirt paired with some shades of beige colour will definitely give you the entry to the perfectly styled look book. 

4. White Blazer: 

what to wear with orange shirt guys

While a few shades of orange go well in formal attire, you can make it go for your date night as well. Just wear any dark shaded jeans (preferably carbon blue) with your orange shirt and wear a white blazer over it to complete the look. And here you are ready to make the perfect first impression.

5. Black Shorts: 

what colour to wear with orange

Who says you can’t wear a shirt with a pair of shorts? A funky orange shirt paired with black ripped or plain shorts can add a flavour of funk to your personality. Here you can even experiment with your hairstyle or accessories when you try this outlook. Make it classy or make it messy, this perfect combination won’t let you down. 

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By now you surely might have imagined yourself in various orange dominated attire!! So go and buy a piece of clothing to pair with your orange shirt. If you don’t have one then buy an orange shirt first. And add the look to your Outfit Of The Day (OOTD). 

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