How to combine a blue garment well?

If when we open our closet we see a garment such as a suit, polo shirt, t-shirt, sweater, pants, shirt … Blue. With what other colors can we combine these blue clothes? The blue color is one of the most used by us, men, when it comes to dressing and that is why I want to give you the colors that best combine with blue.

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The color blue is one of the cold colors and, together with gray and black, it is one of the colors that best matches other colors. And it is that it is the most used color in men’s clothing or clothing. However, it is a color that has different tones depending on the season of the year in which we find ourselves so that we can find an infinite number of combinations, some even surprising.

With what colors does Blue combine well?

Don’t know what colors blue combines well with? Relax, here we give you four options for you to be an influencer. Take note of the colors that go well with blue.

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Combine blue with white

Combining blue with white is a safe bet. Basically, because white is the canonical neutral color. The color that matches everything. Of course, it is always better to combine white with darker tones, like blue, in this case. Of course, keep in mind that white tends to gain weight. Notice to mariners.

On the other hand, white gives a feeling of nobility and innocence. Hence, it is used in all kinds of religious celebrations. Even in some countries they use it for mourning. Be that as it may, both with blue and with other colors, white always combines well.

Combine blue with black

Combining blue with black is not a very good bet, although sometimes it works. Black is a tone that offers seriousness and elegance. Hence, it is a regular at night and distinguished events. However, it is a color that goes better with warmer tones, such as pink or yellow.

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Therefore, if we are going to combine blue with black, we will try that the blue is not dark. Pulling a turquoise, light blue or light blue will help make the combination perfect. In addition, we will benefit from the fact that black is a tone that slims the figure. If we can complete the look with a piece of jewelry, not too flashy, but that breaks the dark line, you’ll be perfect.

Combine blue with pink

Combining blue with pink is a complete success. These are two strong colors that complement each other beautifully, especially the darker shades. The lighter ones look worse in combination with pink.

In the end, blue serves as the predominant, serious and formal tone while pink gives the striking, warm and modern point. The blue gets under the skin of the black, but without being so serious.

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Combine blue with yellow

Combining blue with yellow is another bet that will rarely fail you. Yellow, in fact, goes very well with all cold tones, but especially with blue. Being a strong and visually impressive tone, it needs a contrast that, in this case, puts blue. In fact, it is advisable that blue be the predominant color in the look, and yellow serve as a complement.

In addition, the combination of blue with yellow is recommended for the day. Basically, because at night it gives a sensation of greater volume to whoever wears it. By reflecting so much light, it causes a sensation that is not, besides calling the attention sovereignly

The color blue combines very well with the color white. It is also perfect for warm colors such as burgundy, red, yellow, orange, and softer colors such as light green or pink… as well as the aforementioned neutral colors such as black, … but as long as they have a certain contrast of tones.

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For example, it is not a good idea to combine a very dark color with a blue that is also dark, since the only thing you are going to get will be a too sober “look” that you will not be convinced of.

How to combine a blue garment well? zara blue suit

On the other hand, it is possible that many of you think that blue is one of those colors at a disadvantage of blue since it cannot be combined with colors that are of the same hue as yours, but this is not true at all. Blue+Blue can always work if you know how to choose its intensity. It is clear, as we see above, that a complete suit in blue can look spectacular on you, but you can also be right if, for example, you combine a light blue or navy blue shirt with jeans that have another bluish intensity. Do not hesitate and combine blue with itself. Like black, it is a success when chosen as a “total look”.

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Is there a color that does not combine with blue?

As for the colors that it is better not to combine when you have chosen a blue garment, we will tell you that it is better to avoid green tones, although depending on the combination you can create an ideal “color block” that allows you to show off to the last

In general, we can say that knowing the type of blue you wear, an electric blue will not be the same as a sky blue, you can get it to suit you with practically the entire color palette.

How to combine a blue garment well? electric blue white pants

In this way we will tell you that if dark blue is the color to combine, it is better that you opt for better shades that are colder and lighter and some color from the range of softer colors. If the blue is light, it goes much better with darker colder colors and warm tones, but that are strong.

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Electric blues look great with white, but they can also be softened if, for example, you combine them with a black color.

The perfect combination is blue with white.

“Looks” of fashion in blue to see how to combine it

Time now to see the fashion looks in blue to see how to combine it. In this case, we use the fashion firm in Spain and the world: Zara. In fact, if you want to see more looks from the Inditex firm, take advantage and take a look at the Zara Men’s Winter 2019 Collection. Of course, beforehand, don’t miss the fashion looks in blue to see how to combine it.

And, if you have bought an aquamarine blue suit and you don’t know how to combine it, here is the solution. Black turtleneck, as well as executive shoes and socks. We have already said that if the blue is not very dark, black is ideal to combine it. And if you want to see more variety, here is the catalog of Zara Suits for men Winter 2019

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If, on the contrary, what you have in blue is the shirt, here you have a safe bet. The dark blue canonical suit, the gray tie and the black shoe. It is not that it is fashionable, it is that it will never stop being so. Of course, you can play a little distracting with your footwear. Take a look at Zara Winter 2019 Shoes | Man, let’s see if there’s something you like.

Obviously, if we talk about blue fashion, we have to talk about denim. Denim shirts are a Zara classic that combine wonderfully with beige chinos. And yes, Wayfarer-inspired glasses are essential to complete the look. That you don’t have money? Look at the prices of the Zara Men’s Winter 2019 Sales

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And if we are more of blue shirts, in this case we can combine them with olive green pants. Of course, with the cold that comes, better long. Again, essential glasses.

We finished with two ways to combine Zara’s blue denim jeans. The first, with a blue and white checkered shirt, to which the orange shirt gives a youthful touch of colour. Fun and casual way to wear hearts of palm. If it’s your style, you must check out Zara Young Men’s Fashion Christmas 2019

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Another way to combine a light blue jean is to change the shirt and t-shirt for a classic round neck sweater. In this case, the green color that never fails. Accompanied by a crossbody backpack, not a fanny pack, you’ll be one of the coolest guys this winter.

How to combine the blue of this Autumn Winter 2018 – 2019

We left Zara and went to visit other stores. We do it to show you how to combine blue this Fall Winter 2018-2019.

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Obviously, if we are in the festive season, we start with an electric blue suit from Asos, an absolute trend this Christmas. In this case, it’s simple. White shirt and black bow tie, matching the velvet shoes. If you can, save your socks. And if you want to look at other options, you have them in Men’s Suit Trends 2019

If you are looking for something more classic, despite your young age, this light blue shirt from Selected is ideal. Pair it with a light blue jean and finish the look with a black or dark blue belt. If you roll up both arms, you’ll be cold, but you’ll be cool. Watch out for the number of Winter 2019 trends in shirts that you have

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And since the shirt is once again a trend, we give you another more than recognizable alternative. This blue striped shirt, in various shades, is from Desigual and is sweeping sales. It also goes perfect with light-colored denim pants and, yes, with all the buttons fastened. This is so. It is not the only thing that the original brand offers you this Christmas: Desigual Catalog | Men’s Fall Winter Trends 2018 – 2019

And since it is cold season, we finished with the coats. First up, this navy blue trench coat from G-Star. Perfect to wear pants in dark tones, if possible, striking. In the photo it is dark red, but mustard, green or yellow are also valid. You have more alternatives in the best Coats and Jackets for Men Winter 2019

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The last coat is the down jacket of the moment. In this case, electric blue and manufactured by Náutica. A classic style signature with maritime inspiration. That is, nothing like a long-sleeved polo shirt in blue tones and dark blue chino pants. The total blue seaport look. And be careful, while we are at it, you should know the Winter 2019 Men’s Haircuts. If you are in style, make it complete.

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