Learn how to tie a tie

Today in Fashion They want to teach you how to tie a tie. Something that seems simple but many find it very difficult, in my case, in previous jobs, I always left my tie tied so I wouldn’t have to do it the next day, call me lazy if you want… I deserve it. How to tie a tie knot?

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Those who work in a suit already have the necessary practice to tie a tie, for those who do not often work in a suit and do not need to tie a tie, when it comes to tying this knot, it is a bit complicated. But today I want to give you the solution, the key is to go little by little, starting with simple knots and ending with the most complicated ones. We begin.

We have several ways to tie the knot, in the video that I show you below I explain how to tie a classic knot, called the simple knot.

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Simple knot

Do you see how it is not so complicated? Now it’s time for the double knot, for those of you who already have some experience and the simple knot seems too easy.

Double knot

Now we go with the Windsor Knot, the most popular of all.

Windsor knot

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Now we go with the Half Windsor Knot, for experts. This type of knot is the most complicated, try it.

Half Windsor Knot

You already have all the information to make the knots you need, did you find it complicated? Tell us if you have any questions about it. Learn once and for all to make ties.

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