The most common tips that damage your image

I have always said that details are essential to dress well. You may think that the tips or details that I am going to give you below go unnoticed or do not seriously damage your image in front of others, but surely more than one “bad” comment about you will surely fall. That is why I am going to give you the 10 tips or details that can damage your image.

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The most common tips that damage your image

It may seem to you that the details can go unnoticed in the eyes of others, but quite the opposite. A detail like wearing socks with “flip flops” can make you the reason for thousands of laughs (typical “guiri”). For this reason, I want to give you a total of 10 details, although I could spend hours and hours talking about more, which you must take into account so that they do not laugh at you.

1. sloppy shoes

You can go with the best set of clothes, the most expensive, your hair perfectly cut and styled, shaved, well perfumed but if they then come to your feet and see your dirty or damaged shoes, everything can go to waste.

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It’s not a matter of brand new shoes every week, but of keeping them clean and cared for. They say that a man dresses by his feet and it is not a lie.

2. Exaggerate with accessories or complements

Do not go overboard with the complements or accessories in your wardrobe, remember that elegance is discretion. Take care of that detail!

It is one thing to wear an accessory and another to be a jewelry sampler. XXL accessories are no longer worn either. The giant gold dollar symbol on a pendant has never been cool. Now even less.

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3. Using the wrong size

There is nothing that I find less stylish than wearing a different size than the one you wear. Don’t try to build muscle by buying an XS when you really have a size L. It looks terrible!

If Justin Bieber doesn’t look good wearing clothes two sizes too big, what makes you think it will fit you?

4. Do not wear dark underwear when wearing light clothes

It is a detail that happens to many, even women. Dark underwear is marked by your white or beige pants. Discretion!

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Don’t be the type who always has to show his underwear. Not cool.

5. Liters and liters of perfume

Another very common mistake, but one that is unpleasant for others. Do not apply too much perfume, you will suffocate people in your path. One or two touches will be more than enough.

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Bathing in cologne is counterproductive. Especially if the cologne is some classic Varon Dandy or Brummel type.

6. Sloppy Feet

Your feet must be clean and cared for. Free of dryness and with well-cut nails. Especially now that it’s summer. Don’t be dirty!

If you cut your fingernails, what makes you think that your toenails don’t grow? On the other hand, the water that remains stagnant in the bathtub is of no use for washing feet. You should rub them, just like you do the body.

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7. Not brushing your teeth

Take your toothbrush everywhere. Neglected teeth and bad breath give an unpleasant feeling.

Three, four, five… Brush your teeth as many times as necessary. Every time you eat something. Not only will you avoid having bad breath and clean teeth. You will also avoid going all day with leftover food between your teeth

8. Tribute to Michael Jackson: Dark shoes with white socks

I know he could be your idol, but his style went out of style a long time ago.

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It’s okay to dress up as him, but on a daily basis avoid wearing dark shoes with white socks. White socks are for sports.

9. Sloppy hands

Don’t bite your nails or don’t go with long nails. There are many people who look, and a lot, at the hands of a man. Watch out for them!

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It doesn’t hurt to cut, clean and clean them from time to time. Especially if you work with your hands and are prone to getting them dirty.

10. Poor body hygiene

There is nothing more unpleasant than a person who leaves their personal hygiene at home or for special occasions. Please, don’t be dirty and take care of your appearance. Don’t punish people with your tiger smell!

A daily shower, in an adult and active person, is almost mandatory. Also, don’t forget to do laundry. Even if you don’t see it dirty, your body odor stays on it and people notice it.

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11. damaged lips

Think that when you talk to someone, their gaze will go directly to your lips. From there, you decide how you want to have them. Dry, cracked or pupal lips are not pleasant at all. Besides hurting a lot.

Just as you take care of the rest of your body, take care of your lips, because they are always visible. Vaseline, cocoa, moisturizers… Choose the product that best suits you but keep your lips cared for and hydrated for a relevant presence.

12. Saturated pockets

Do you have to carry your pockets all the way up? Namely: wallet, keys, mobile phone, coins, a pack of tissues… A shoulder bag or carry only what is necessary will help your pocket not look like Santa Claus’s sack

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To begin with, with so many things in the pockets, the clothes take their toll. In the case of pants, you will notice that they fall down and, what is worse, they will show the area where your back ends. On the other hand, if you wear a pen in your shirt, be careful if the ink leaks. As for combs, calculators or mirrors, we won’t even comment.

13. Soccer jerseys

Soccer jerseys are for playing soccer. If anything, you can use it to practice another sport or to go down for the newspaper on Sunday. Nothing else.

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Forget dating her to do anything. Much less, wear it to go out at night. Pairing a soccer jersey with jeans should be a criminal offence.

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