What to wear on the last day of the year in 2013?

We are already finishing the last week of December, so we have to go thinking that we will put on that special night of the end of the year. We give you some simple looks that you can put into practice this New Year’s Eve, because at Moda Ellos we believe that the real protagonist should be you.

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Time is running out every time for the last night of the year to begin. For those moments in which good wishes and all the promises flow like the bubble of cava, and in which feelings for peace and love take a leading role.

In the following article you will see:

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  • ! For God’s sake, what should I wear for New Year’s Eve?
  • Different textures and colors in bow ties
  • Classic tuxedo: black color
  • What we never fail with: The suit

There is nothing better than entering this new year 2013 seducing in an elegant and masculine way. Leave your boring suit from every year in the closet and dare with a different look. Surprise your friends or girlfriends and make them not the only protagonists of this party where we can only see super elaborate hairstyles and satin dresses.

! For God’s sake, what should I wear for New Year’s Eve?

The same degree of etiquette is not required at all parties, that is, some only ask you to wear at least a jacket, others force you to wear a tie and in others, more exclusive, the use of a tuxedo is essential as requirement to enter the party.

The tuxedo should not necessarily be two pieces, we can put together a jacket with the cut that we see in the image below with black dress pants. Look for a shirt that is pure white and a bow tie. You’ll be a real Bond 007!

Play with the different textures and colors of the bow ties as we show you in the images below.

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Different textures and colors in bow ties

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Classic tuxedo: black color

For my taste, if in the end you opt for a tuxedo, in H&M or ZARA you have them for less than 100 euros. Opt for the color black, which is an option with which you will always succeed, it also represents a good investment because it can always be used on more occasions when it is needed.

A detail

I recommend that you accompany it with a white handkerchief. Fold it in such a way that only the first three centimeters are visible protruding from the pocket as you can see in the photo below.

What we never fail with: The suit

A good bet even without a bow tie is to wear a navy blue or black suit, with a fitted cut. The texture that is shiny, as if it were satin and that we can combine it with a blue shirt or with the classic white shirt. Try to avoid striped shirts, save them for another event.

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For this I have opted for a two-piece in black, which we can wear the shirt of the same color as we can see in the image below, with which we will achieve a total black or total blue look. Always undo the first two buttons of the shirt and try to raise the collar of the shirt well so that your suit does not sag.

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