How to choose a suit: The best tips and tricks

There are many meetings and events in which you have to show off your best clothes. The suit has become the perfect garment for many of these occasions, as well as a great investment for your wardrobe. The suits become the reference of good masculine dress and should enhance our silhouette, not the opposite. That’s why I give you the best tips and tricks to choose the perfect outfit.

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It is important, when choosing a suit, trying it on and finding the correct size, a mistake in the size can lead to the destruction of our image. To wear a suit that does not favor you, it is better to leave it stored in the closet and try it with style. Or not?

Before buying the suit, you should take into account the following advice that I give you, especially in this type of suit that has standard sizes, if you have tried thousands of them and none of them favor you, it is time to think about getting a tailor-made suit, don’t you think? Your figure will appreciate it. It never hurts to have a suit that is made specifically for you and with your exact measurements. It should also be noted that it is very important to know how to buy a suit, like knowing how to wear a suit.

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The jacket of the suit

The shoulder pads of your jacket should not protrude from your shoulders in an exaggerated way, they just have to enhance them.

You have to be able to close your jacket without any kind of problem, that fits but does not oppress. If you are thin, opt for the Slim Fit suit. A cut that is straight is always more ideal and flattering. If you are short, suits with three buttons are the most classic, but they will not favor you as they will accentuate your short stature much more. Choose the two-button one that always flatters.

When you close your buttons, you have to keep this rule in mind: Always, sometimes and never. That is, always the first button closed, the second button sometimes depending on the occasion and the third button should never be closed.

The pants and the shoes

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The fall of your pants should be a single fold on the leg when you wear your shoes, so that they are not too fishy or too long. Same as picture.

The leather belt is the perfect complement to your suit, although some men do not wear it. It is much more elegant to wear a suit with a good belt, always combined with your shoes (within the ABC of fashion)

Your shoe must be pointed with laces of the same color as the shoe.

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Both knowing how to buy a suit and knowing how to wear it is essential. But if you want to put the icing on your style, it is advisable that you know what the best hairstyles are. Therefore, these tips will surely come in handy:

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