Pantyhose for men, does anyone dare?

For all those guys who thought it would never happen to them, well, here I bring you some news that I don’t know if you will consider good or bad, the fact is that it’s real. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); It is about the pantyhose for men. Yes, the stockings you see your girlfriends … Read more

Types of shirt collar for men

One of the most basic points when choosing a shirt is usually to analyze what type of shirt collar and cuffs we want it to wear Shirt. Currently, there are various types of shirt collars and that is why I wanted to give you a brief summary of the TYPES OF SHIRT NECKS and TYPES … Read more

How can you dress for a job interview

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New ways of wearing a suit

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6 reasons to buy costumes online

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How to remove blood stains from clothes

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What is the dress code or dress code

Casual, suit, formal, elegant, gala, informal… We can find a good number of dress codes that are still the different clothing options that we have to match our “look” at all times. In this way you will not have the same “dress code” whether you have to go to work in an office, a store … Read more