Which glasses are the best for your face shape?

According to the type of face that you have and the shape of your face, there will be a type of glasses that are the ones that favor you the most.

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It does not have to seem strange to you that each person has a different face shape and, as a consequence, that a type of sunglasses or glasses fits better. In Moda Ellos, we want to explain how to choose the right glasses according to your face shape, whether you have it round, rectangular, thin, … Shall we start with the explanation?

As it happens with the clothes, and we also find in the Haircuts according to the face, in the fashion accessories there is also a customization, and that is how we take into account the type of face to be able to wear the sunglasses, especially everything for the still hot times.

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Which glasses are the most flattering for your face shape?

Glasses for diamond-shaped faces

When we speak of a diamond face, we refer to a face with a small face, slightly elevated cheekbones, usually with puffy or even small eyes and a pronounced jaw.

The sunglasses you need are the ones that increase the size of your forehead, the ones that cover very little or nothing of it.

Glasses for round face

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These face types are characterized by facial features defined by broad foreheads and rounded chins, much like the face of Elton John.

The strategy, in this case, involves breaking the roundness of the face, so we must choose glasses with an angular or straight shape. As for the dimensions (something that usually gives us problems and indecisions when choosing lenses), they should be wider than tall, since people with round faces tend to have them short and if they choose tall glasses, they will further shorten their length. face. Finally, as far as shades are concerned, it is convenient to choose glasses with strong colors such as black or chocolate.

Glasses for oval shaped face

This type of face is lucky to be able to wear all kinds of glasses, as long as the lens frames are in proportion to their face and we don’t use extravagant designs or dimensions.

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Glasses for heart-shaped face

In this type of face, the facial features are defined by the presence of a large forehead and a heart-shaped chin.

These faces look good in both round-shaped glasses and angular-shaped glasses. Therefore, glasses that have a design that is much wider above than below should be avoided.

Glasses for square-shaped faces

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Square faces, like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s, have broad foreheads, wide jaws, and square chins. Since the face shape is angular, they should choose round glasses.

Glasses for rectangular shaped faces

It’s like the square face but longer. They should choose rounded and large glasses. The more of the center of the face the glasses cover, the shorter your face will appear.

Faces with big noses

It is perhaps one of the biggest complexes of those who must choose glasses, since they look for those to hide their prominent nose. This trick can be performed by choosing large glasses with high temples, which draw attention to the temples and away from the nose.

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Ray Ban Aviator

As far as personal tastes are concerned, one of the best sunglasses and one that best suits different types of faces (the only exception, in our opinion, is with those small and rounded faces) is the Ray Ban Aviator model.

Immortalized with the appearance of the movie Top Gun, the one who wore them constantly was Tom Cruise, and they marked a before and after in the world of fashion, without a doubt.

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