We are looking for the perfect jeans for this winter 2013

I am often asked what garment is the one that never goes out of style or what clothes would be necessary in our closet. The jean undoubtedly occupies the first position of our ranking. A versatile garment that we can wear at any time of day and to any event, as long as we choose it well. Read on to find out which are the best jeans for this season.

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Last season, in stores like Pull&Bear, ZARA or MANGO, I was looking for garments to prepare for the hot season, such as spring/summer. Now, when the winter season is well under way, we want to prepare you for this fall-winter 2012/2013 season. Can you help us find it?

  • ZARA jeans and their variety
  • MANGO and its style for correct men
  • Models to avoid

The jean is a garment that should not be missing in any men’s wardrobe. Jeans are necessary for any style and of which we can say that its great virtue is its versatility, since we can use it for any occasion and at any time of the day, as long as we choose it well. For this reason, at Moda Ellos we bring you two brands that I think are going to set trends this season. ZARA and MANGO.

ZARA jeans and their variety

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We are in a time when the basics are the basis of success, especially in darker colors. My favorite continues to be those with little washing, and this season ZARA brings new fabrics for this type of jean. However, some come with elastics that do not convince me. Introduce finishes in your jeans according to the trends of the season such as studs.

In the basics of ZARA we have its clear extreme, it is a very common garment for our day to day but, as we have said before, it can be perfect for formal looks as long as you combine it correctly. The Slim model as standard with a size that is more comfortable than in other firms, such as H&M.

MANGO and its style for correct men

I love this brand for men, since they have few stores, at least in Spain, that have a section for men, you will see very few people with the same clothes as you, so you will be unique. The quality is not bad, so if you decide to buy MANGO clothes, be clear that they are clothes for a few years. I give it a B! What do you think?

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The HE universe of MANGO, we can only say that it is very formal, correct, serious, perfect for work. There is not much daring, however, you can see urban and modern touches perfect for your audience, men between 25 and 35 years old. Today we will start with the classics and you could say that they know, a lot! Two models that I have loved and that can be included in the TOP of our Ranking.

Now, I ask you this question: What do you think of black jeans? Do you use them a lot? At first I didn’t like them, because being a little skinny makes me even more so, and I also didn’t like things that were so dark. I used to choose chinos that seemed much more elegant to me but what is true is that lately I prefer to try black jeans for day to day.

Models to Avoid

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Just like that, as if nothing had happened, we went from black to white in MANGO jeans. Something that for this winter season must be avoided. Its color is more appropriate for times like spring or summer, although seeing it in the “lookbook” it seems to us that it does not look bad at all, but it is certainly a garment with which I would not be comfortable. And you?

ZARA, here we are going to stop you! I don’t think I could go through wearing the hem so short, much less like that, attracting all eyes with a patterned ribbon.

Which is your favorite?

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