Get the best gifts for your partner on Valentine’s Day 2023

February 14 is approaching, which falls on a Tuesday in this 2023, Valentine’s Day and the big question is, have you already thought of your gift? Surely your partner will love that you have a detail on this romantic date, regardless of whether it looks like something commercial or not.

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So, don’t kid yourself, although many people think that this day is silly, who isn’t excited to receive a present and even more so if it comes from their partner?

We want to give you a hand in the task of choosing the best gift for your partner, with a wide range of original ideas. Surely you think that your partner has everything, however, a lipstick, a good perfume or even a bottle of champagne to be able to toast with their “darling” like good lovebirds, brighten your girl’s day. Let’s get to it!

  • Perfume
  • A bottle of Moët & Chandon
  • Chocolates
  • Jewel
  • Dinners
  • Meetings
  • Lipstick
  • Flowers
  • Cuddles
  • Smartwatch
  • Swarowski Jewel
  • Air Fryer

Give a good perfume for your enjoyment

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Could there be anything much more romantic than passionately smelling your partner while you give them a long kiss? Give a good perfume this year and enjoy the good aroma with her.

I recommend two different perfumes. One from CH Carolina Herrera, priced at €50 for a 50ml bottle, which has become one of those charming fragrances that we all easily remember, plus its presentation in passion red makes you fall in love, right?

Another is the Decadence by Marc Jacobs, which has a similar price and its scent envelops, with a bottle that also draws attention for its design and elegance.

A surprise dinner with Möet & Chandon

Although it may seem like a superfluous gift, a bottle of champagne accompanied by a personalized card can be a spectacular detail. Have you thought about surprising your partner with a dinner made by you?

You just have to spend time beforehand to see which dishes you like the most, prepare them easily at home, choose good background music and put this Möet & Chandon to cool, which has an approximate price of €90.

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The classic that never goes out of style, the Chocolates

A cliché, I know! but… giving away chocolates on Valentine’s Day you know that you will always be right. However, if you do not want to fall into the usual, the red box, bet on a touch of modernity with some organic chocolates. These are a little gem for the palate and are made entirely by hand.

If you want to leave the chocolates aside but bet on chocolate, have you thought about some dark chocolate truffles combined with a bottle of Syrah wine? The combination is incredibly satisfying.

Another option, if you like cooking or want to make something yourself for it, prepare some homemade chocolates! It is as easy as melting the chocolate and pouring it over a silicone mold for this purpose, then you let it rest, unmold and that’s it.

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A very special jewel for Valentine’s Day 2022

Guys, jewelry is always a good choice, although it doesn’t have to be the most expensive of all jewelry or the most opulent in the window. This may be the main reason why men still do not fully dare to resort to this route that works so well.

The most important thing is that you keep in mind that you can find a perfect piece of jewelry adjusted to your budget. Most women, what they are going to look at, is not the brand you have bought or if it is from a small jewelry store, what usually impresses the most or what one usually stays with is what you have chosen for her.

What do you want brands? You can find rings from 40 euros, but try to find out what finger size you wear without realizing it. Rings can be a classic but don’t forget pendants, bracelets, earrings… Choose an element or design that is symbolic for both of you or buy something and engrave inside something that is completely personalized such as words like “always”, “we” , etc.

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In addition, there are many options to silver that do not have to be gold, like steel. A pendant (or almost any Luxenter piece) can cost thirty euros, chain included. Of course, if you want to opt for this gift, make sure that it has a chain of the material of the pendant (silver, if it is silver, gold —of the same color, of course—, steel…) because if you do not have to buy a chain too. Although depending on which one you choose, they are not too expensive either.

Romantic dinners on Valentine’s Day 2022

If you don’t dare to prepare a dinner by yourself but you want to continue surprising your partner, there is nothing like choosing a good restaurant – either for the food or for a special decoration – and continue the evening with a special surprise.

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Maybe somewhere to dance, have a drink in a special place or a walk somewhere special for both of you?

The choice of the place can be difficult but not impossible: there are aquariums that allow your dinner to be unforgettable, or you have other places that are recognized for their special foods or striking decoration. For example, in Madrid they have the Jardín Secreto on Conde Duque street, which has a decoration that always surprises.

In any case, you’ll blow her mind, that’s for sure. Moments like this are special and unforgettable.

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romantic meetups

A great gift for the entire couple is to have a romantic getaway. For this type of gift, you don’t have to spend anything, you can simply go to spend the day in a spectacular place that is close to you or also try to organize a trip to a place that you love and that you have not been to. One of the best places to travel at that time is to visit one of the Canary Islands, where prices are lower and flights are more affordable. If you do not prefer to leave the peninsula, a good idea is to visit some of the most beautiful towns in Spain, such as Cudillero in Asturias, Puebla de Sanabria in Castilla y León or Conil de la Frontera in Cádiz, Andalusia.

To kiss a passion red lips

The best and most beautiful gesture to show all your love to that person you love is a kiss. And what better than giving that kiss to some passion red lips, and if the nails match the color, even better.

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The Illmascua house thinks of everything with its Trob mini collection, priced at €80, which is made up of 5 products: a gloss, a lipstick and three nail polishes.

Send flowers

Flowers continue to be an icon of romanticism and an opportunity to say without words the feelings that a person generates in you. It is important to know which are the favorite flowers of that person but, if you want to surprise, discover the language and meaning of the flowers to choose the ideal one for that person.

Depending on which one you like the most, you can choose to give some flowers or a plant, as its durability will be greater if all goes well.

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Possible options? Roses (pay attention to what each of their colors means), orchids, daisies, lilies…

Pampering for your partner

There are many options available to you to pamper your partner and let them know how important they are to you.

From launching into a sensitive massage (you don’t have to be a physiotherapist to fill your partner with pampering and sensations), preparing a bath for two with special bath salts, preparing breakfast in bed (it’s not so much what you prepare as the intention you put into it) like giving him a few hours in a spa so he can enjoy the water and relax.

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Another perfect gift for any fitness enthusiast, whether male or female: a next-generation smartwatch, compatible with iOS and Android, and which guarantees, among other things, more than 6 days of autonomy, payments per watch, Google Maps and monitoring of physical activity and moments of rest. It is about the Fitbit, Versa 4, a smart watch to exploit even in a long-distance relationship : this model, in fact, allows you to challenge yourself in games and sports competitions. The best way to never lose the desire to train and add some action to the relationship.

Swarovski earrings

Jewelry is always a great Valentine’s Day gift idea, especially for those looking for a gift for her. Swarovski’s style has evolved and modernized lately, as evidenced by the latest collections. Among the most versatile models are also these daring and luminous hoop earrings, a must-have of recent seasons. Available in silver, yellow gold and rose gold, they are the safe choice for those who love jewelry and are looking for a timeless model.

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Air Fryer

If to conquer you he told you that he was going to prepare you the best dinner because he loves to cook, then the hot air fryer is a Valentine’s gift not to be forgotten. Xiaomi presents a minimalist model, also perfect for kitchens with a modern design, which allows you to cook the most varied dishes (including meringues) lightly and in a short time. The oled screen, which is also the main control, allows continuous control of temperatures, times and programming: in fact, this model can allow planning for up to 24 hours.

Give quality time

With this hectic pace of life that we lead, many relationships are relegated to the background after work, so sometimes the most wonderful thing is the simplest option.

Spending time with your partner, quality time, just with her or doing an activity that she has told you she would like can be one of the most sensational options. I know that this shouldn’t be a Valentine’s gift, that it should be a basic rule in every relationship, but let’s keep in mind that it’s not always like that.

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Have I helped you? If you want me to give you a hand with the best gift for her, you just have to leave us a comment.

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