The best Tips for men: How to iron shirts

At Modaellos we always present the latest collections and trends from the main fashion brands, and We give you the tips to dress well on every occasion, now we also want you to look perfect every time you put on a shirt. That is why we are talking about how to iron shirts, tips for men.

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Ironing a shirt, especially men’s, does not seem as simple as we may think a priori. It is necessary to know how to iron each part of the shirt, be it the sleeves, the neck or the shoulders, and there are also a series of steps to follow that we detail below and that will help you leave your shirts completely ironed.

Iron the collar

Before starting to iron, make sure that the temperature of the iron is adequate (cotton is not the same, for example, as silk).

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Unfold the collar and place it on the ironing board with the reverse side exposed. You should iron and go over several times, since this area tends to concentrate the most “rebellious” wrinkles. Flip the collar over and now iron the front side in the same way.

Iron the shoulders

To start ironing the shoulders you have to first place one of them in the front part of the board, just at the tip that is rounded and that will fit perfectly as if it were the shoulder of our body.

When you have the shoulder well positioned, iron carefully and focusing on the armhole area (the seam of the armpits), which is where most wrinkles are concentrated. You do the same with the other shoulder.

Iron the cuffs

For the cuffs you must start by unbuttoning the buttons and opening it. Start by ironing the cuff on the inside and going over it several times since it is an area that is also hard to get perfect.

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Then iron the cuff on the outside, and again spending some time removing all the small wrinkles it may have. Carefully avoid the buttons as if you walk over them with force you can tear them off.

Iron the sleeves

Ironing the sleeves is perhaps a simple part of ironing a shirt, although you must ensure that the folds that are attached to the cuff are very smooth. You can help yourself by the hand so that each time you pass the iron you highlight them, then press with the iron.

Then continue with the rest of the sleeve without highlighting seams and the edges of the sleeves. When you already have one of the sides, turn the fabric to iron the part that has not been in direct contact with the iron to avoid marking the line. Now repeat the action on the other sleeve.

Iron the front part

The most visible part of the shirt is the one that is seen the most, so it must obviously be the best ironed. First start by placing the left side of the shirt (the buttonhole part) on the ironing board, leaving the rest of the shirt hanging.

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You must go over the side several times, being careful in the part of the pocket, the one with the buttonholes of the neck and the armhole. Then you do the same with the right side, being careful with the buttons.

Iron the back

To finish ironing the shirt, we place the back on the board. We need to iron the length of the fabric, from the yoke to the bottom edge.

If it is a shirt with tweezers on the back, you must go over them with the iron but without going over them, since in this way you would erase this drawing (it is ironed like the folds of the cuffs).

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Other Tips

If you use the steam from the iron you will see how wrinkles come out more easily. If you don’t have a steam iron, you can spray the shirt with a spray bottle.

If you want to avoid shine on the collar and cuffs, try placing a handkerchief over them when ironing.

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