Get a perfect look for less than 100 euros

There are still a few weeks or months until Christmas and New Year’s Eve, so it may not be enough for you yet worry about finding a style for these days, although do not let time accumulate. If you have not found an outfit for these days, or for any occasion that is special or in which you want to dress with all the style, there is nothing like letting yourself be advised by what we are going to show you now. Get ready because we are going to give you the best advice so that you can achieve a perfect look for less than 100 euros.

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You may think that with 100 euros you hardly have anything more than a shirt and pants, but the truth is that we have to look closely and search among the proposals of the different “low cost” stores to find the look perfect for this new season and especially Christmas, or in fact also for any special occasion that you have to celebrate in the remainder of 2020 and also for 2021. On the other hand, you should also select clothes that you already have (such as shirts or shoes) so you only have to buy part of the look and not the whole thing.

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Perfect look for less than 100 euros from Zara

Zara is the first of the stores we visit to get our look for less than 100 euros. The Inditex firm has become quite expensive over the years, and although many of its party blazers are now sold for an average of around €70, the truth is that you also have a model like the one in the photo (reference 1608/312 ) which is priced at €39.95.

To this blazer, we can add dress pants, which you can find at prices starting at €29.95, and add a basic black sweater with a turtleneck that you can find for prices starting at €19, €95.

With all of the above, your Zara “look” for these holidays or for special occasions will cost 90 euros, so you won’t have for shoes, but you can always take advantage of any elegant footwear that you will surely have at home.

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Another “look” for less than 100 euros from Zara is this one you see above. A current fashion “look” that consists of an olive-colored sweatshirt (ref/ 3332/306) that is priced at €29.95, so that if you wear a basic t-shirt underneath that you already have at home, just You should buy black dress pants or dark jeans, which can also cost you €29.95, and invest the rest in shoes.

Perfect look for less than 100 euros from Mango

Mango is the second option to find a look for these holidays for less than 100 euros. In the case of this store, we opted for a “look” that consists of a tuxedo-type suit, although we have to clarify because surely all the styling that you see in the photo costs much more than 100 euros.

What we propose is that you choose to search among your shirts and choose the white one that is newer. From there, you must buy the “super slim” blazer or jacket shown in the photo (reference 53099070-BRAQUE-LH) which is priced at €69.99 and you can also buy pants from the same brand, or take advantage of one of Zara models that are priced between €30 and €40.

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If you choose to wear “slim” pants that you have at home, from another suit, then you can use the 40 euros that you have left over to buy some elegant shoes, like the ones you see above, from Zalando, which are priced at €29.95. You can use the remaining ten euros to buy a bow tie or necktie.

Perfect look for less than 100 euros from H&M

At H&M you also have many proposals so that your “look” for these holidays is the least of all, but also so that you don’t have to spend too much money. As you can see in the photo above, we bet on a fresh “look” with a printed shirt, t-shirt and black dress pants to which if we want we can add a blazer or jacket.

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The shirt that we show you (with reference 0695325018) is sold at H&M for a price of only 14.99 euros, and you can combine it with dress pants and ankle boots like the ones we see in the image.

They are also from H&M and are priced at €19.99 for the pants and €49.99 for the shoes, so you will have to spend only €85 and with what In addition, you can choose to buy a basic t-shirt or a fine knit sweater that they also sell at H&M for less than ten euros and that you can wear under your shirt.

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This other “look” from H&M also seems perfect for big occasions and also, it won’t cost you more than 100 euros. The centerpiece of the “look” is the “slim” blue jacket that you see above. A trend-setting jacket priced at €39.99 (ref 0817752001).

To complete the “look” you will need a white shirt, which you can have at home, and matching blue pants that cost just 30 euros, so you will still have another 30 € left to invest in the shoes.

Perfect look for less than 100 euros from Primark

Primark is without a doubt one of the best stores that we can advise you to find cheap looks and even more so in the event that you have to spend a budget of 100 euros, which you will undoubtedly get a lot out of.

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For example, we suggest you bet on a leather jacket as we see in the image above, which costs €35, combined with a Christmas sweater that costs only €22, like this model you see below.

You can also choose to wear a shirt and pants from the same brand that will barely cost you €30 in total and combine it all with sneakers that you will find for less than €15.

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On the other hand, you can opt for something more striking, with a completely Christmas outfit like the one you see in the image above, which is really cheap if we take into account that it will only cost us €53. You can combine this type of suit as in the photo, with a sweatshirt, or with a shirt that will barely cost you €15 and again we advise you to combine it with sneakers.

Perfect look for less than 100 euros from El Corte Inglés

Finally, we opted to also search among the proposals of El Corte Inglés for Winter 2019-2020 and although you think that in these centers it will be difficult to find a look for these holidays that costs us less than 100 euros, the truth is that we can find clothes that are really cheap.

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It is the case of the vest and pants that you see above. Two Easy Wear proposals for El Corte Inglés that cost €29.99 each. To these two garments you can add a turtleneck sweater, that you have at home, or a white shirt with a dark tie. You will only need to buy some dress shoes like these from Dustin that you can also find in El Corte Inglés for just 40 euros.

With these proposals, I’m sure you’ll be able to have a great Christmas, but they’ll also help you for other special occasions that you have to celebrate this winter.

And if you are more of youthful “looks” or do not want to wear a suit, you can always opt for this other proposal that we also find in El Corte Inglés. It only consists of a navy blue V-neck sweater, combined with a white t-shirt and beige chinos. Three pieces that together barely reach 80 euros. For footwear, you can opt for sneakers that you already wear regularly, or you can also spend the money on the sneakers and look in your closet for clothes similar to those in this “look” that will undoubtedly inspire you.

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