Basic Men’s Fashion: The Right Bag for You

Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out in your closet, something reaches out and throws a key that unlocks you new tendencies. You’ve nailed your shape, closet-curated as the perfect capsule, even building a shoe collection only to conclude you’re still missing a little extra. That little corner you forgot to check and no style.

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For me, and I’m sure for most men, carelessness comes from the side of the bag or purse. Or rather the bag for lifestyle and personal style. Because it doesn’t matter what I do or how much you wear if the bag game always seems to disappoint.

Being realistic, bag choice can often be confusing and even intimidating. There are plenty of options to choose from, coming in many colors, materials, and sizes, as well as different price points. Because of all this, it can be hard to know where to start.

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Furthermore, as with other aspects of men’s style, practicality, functionality, and masculinity are all contributing factors in selecting the perfect bag. A very common comment is “The problem with a bag is that I can’t help but think that they look very feminine wearing it around it.”

The explanation for this is for two reasons, the first that the bags that you get to look at are too “extravagant” for their style. And second is the selection of bags, it looks cool and very fashion forward, so you have no chance to ever carry half of what you carry around daily, such as books, notebooks…

Top 5 Men’s Bags for Aspiring Elegant Gentlemen

This is the default option as you can perform multiple functions on a daily basis while retaining an element of style.

Ideal for the gym enthusiast, who likes to keep their equipment close at hand. The perfect companion for those who use carry-on luggage. And for anyone trying to live some semblance of an interesting life outside of work, a portable closet.

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Choose the medium size, not too small and not too big, and if possible opt for a brown leather version. Since leather is more versatile than canvas.

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2. The briefcase

A word that causes fear in most men born around the 90s, the dreaded briefcase. But don’t worry, a new generation has arrived shaking off the cobwebs of their ancestors. They’re sleeker, slimmer, and less boxy, making them an ideal match for the modern gentleman who only ever has to carry his laptop and a hand full of papers.

If you work in a suit-required environment, I suggest buying a black leather one.

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3. The backpack

As we all know, fashion is all about cycles. Why not try one in a quirky color like cobalt blue or canary yellow to add a bit of life to your look?

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4. The Stock Market

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Probably my great favorite and the great underestimated by all. It’s great as you can carry a lot of supplies, be it laptops, cameras, magazines, notebooks, shoes,… and all the essentials, a giant laptop pocket.

However, I understand that it is the most feminine on the list, so to avoid any embarrassment or intimidation, you should go for something with a resistant material such as cloth or suede. Another way to counteract this is to opt for a version where the handles are long enough to be carried over your shoulder and not in your hand.

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5. The current baggage

There are literally hundreds of types out there, so you’ll have to find the style that suits you best. I suggest going for something with wheels for practicality, and always go for a neutral color like navy, gray or black.

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