How Should An Oxford Shirt Fit

The Oxford shirt was created in the 19th century in Scotland by Scottish fabric mills. The oxford was woven in a basket weave pattern combining two yarns. The oxford shirts were known for their qualities and light wear.


When choosing the right fit for you, an oxford Shirt should follow your body shape. We don’t prefer to look either too skinny or too loose-fitting, so it must not be either but your perfect size.


A perfect stitch that fits you should meet the corner of the stitches on your shoulder. If the stitch goes below, it signs loose-fitting, but it’s uncomfortable or goes up, it’s a tight fit.


Oxford shirt would look perfect in full sleeve ending in the wrist. Neither too short nor too long would give you a flawless look.

how to wear a white oxford shirt


A good collar with a proper fold can change the complete design making you look perfect. You don’t need to worry about the collar while opting for an oxford Shirt.


A perfect-fitting shirt will have no plackets. If you can find small plackets, it shows the shirt is too small and tight.

How should you wear an oxford shirt?


Attending a marriage party? Go by a white oxford shirt and a black suit, and you will find yourself dashing. Then what for a different party? Get yourself a blue, pink, grey or a black shirt. A black shirt will never fail to make your look stunning. You might also go for Oxford watches and shoes for a complete look.


Selecting for semi-formal can be difficult. No worry, opting for a full suit? Mismatch with the Oxford shirts colors in Grey, blue, pink, and white. Do not stop experimenting with a blazer, shoes, sunglasses, and accessories for a relaxed look.

Business casual

The business dress code is not very strict, add some fun to your personal life with an Oxford shirt. Roll up the sleeves, undo few buttons, and tuck in the shirt for that cool bossy vibes. Go for colors like Grey, white, black, pink to get that sophisticated look.

Smart – casual

Take an off from the formal and add some taste to your dress code by wearing Ann buttonless Oxford shirt with linen pants. Get a different look by tucking in. Feel relaxed to have summer vibes with shorts and a blazer.


Oxford has a multi-styling collection, and it can be worn casually, and it’s something that can’t be overlooked. Get yourself a chunky labeled sweater for the winter. Creating simple looks can differ away better than formal ones sometimes. Just roll up your sleeves with Oxford shorts, and white sneakers can be a great dress code for casual office days.

The color variation of the oxford shirt will never disappoint you. Make sure to choose the best complete suit to look perfect on occasion.

White Oxford shirt:

The white color is unbeatable, starting from office to many parties’ white oxford shirt will

remain stylish forever.

Pink oxford shirt:

A perfect color to go for and chose over and over to attend a vast number of events. The tone of a blue suit with a pink one can be a great combination. Are you trying a pink shirt for the first time?? Don’t worry, go for a lighter variety or some delicacy.

Blue Oxford shirt:

The most favorable color among all gents and compulsory for gents’ wardrobe. An easy color is yet all-time stylish. For a sophisticated look, make sure to try a blue oxford shirt.

Black oxford shirt:

A great color choice and the easiest to pick for any semi-formal pr cocktail events. Complete the look with a light-colored suit, cool sunglasses, and dress shoes for that classy vibe.

Grey Oxford shirt:

Trying something or some colors different can bring a completely new look changing the entire appearance. Do try the grey oxford shirt with a brown suit and a brown watch on a few occasions. You will fall in love with the perfect look and the oxford shirt.

Getting to the controversy, how to know whether it’s an oxford shirt or dress shirt, and how they differ.

The oxford cloth is getting most preferred because of its versatility.

The oxford shirt can go very well during the summer due to its lightweight and relaxed vibes. Oxford shirt will not make you feel heavy, just grab one and take off to vacation or an office day or a casual day with the oxford shirt. Go for the light shade of blue with a white bottom; nothing can beat your dressing code in the summer.

Then what about winter?

It’s more exciting to select a chunky and heavy knitted cool look sweater and wear oxford jeans, giving it a half tuck-in look and add some accessories to complete that damn cool man look.

There is nothing less to talk about the Oxford shirt collection, and you will be mesmerized by its collection.

The quality you receive with the oxford shirt is something to be talked about. You can find the Oxford shirt at a very pocket-friendly price yet the best one to go for.

A pair of 7-8 Oxford shirts of different colors, styles, sleeves, and different varieties can be good anywhere, anytime, so make sure you keep them with you for any events ready.

When planning for an oxford shirt, check out all the sections and colors to know that it goes well for any events. Oxford shirts will never fail to amaze you. You will appreciate the oxford shirt forever. So, get yourself the best oxford shirt that fits your body shape and be remarkable.

The variety in Oxford shirts is wide; you just need to get the best one for you. 

So, what are you thinking about after getting to know about this many quality wallet-friendly oxford shirts???

Through this information, we have tried to provide you a piece of detailed information on the Oxford shirt so that you can grab one for yourself quickly.

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