How to combine summer clothes with winter clothes | Savings

Going according to the trends of each season and saving is totally compatible. You just have to know how to choose the right way to combine the clothes of the different seasons, in this case summer and autumn-winter. There is nothing that is impossible, the world of fashion is very simple if you have imagination. That is why we want to help you take advantage of summer clothes to combine them with autumn and winter clothes.

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Sorry for what I’m about to say, many of you are going to hurt, but summer is ending. And although we still have a few weeks of sun left, the firms have been showing us their trends for fall winter 2013 2014 for some time now.

Many of us, fashion lovers, find it almost impossible to get hold of each of the trends of the season, mainly because of the price, and what prices! As I know that we are in a time of crisis and salaries are not going to rise in the near future, I have thought about how to take advantage of the clothes from other seasons, such as summer, that we already have and combine them with the few that we acquire this fall-winter 2013 2014 A great way to save, don’t you think?

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  • Winter pants with short-sleeved T-shirt and cardigans

Short-sleeved t-shirts, even those with straps or sleeveless, you can use them in autumn and winter using pants or jeans combined with cardigans, cardigans, sweaters, sweatshirts, … what do you think of this look? Perfect for the fall winter season.

  • Color pants

Why not use the colored pants that are so fashionable in spring and summer? Choose those that are not too flashy, dark colors typical of the fall-winter season. Like for example this look with some Replay chinos with a standard cut. The perfect pants for any season! You sure have some of these in your closet right?

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  • Sandals with jeans

Although it is not one of my preferences, more and more I see guys with this type of look. Appropriate for the autumn months (don’t be “smug” and use it in winter), sandals with jeans is a look that comes from Canada thanks to Abercrombie and Hollister. What do you think? I personally wouldn’t choose it. It makes me cold just looking at it!

Don’t even think about wearing it with socks! It is one of the tips that can damage your image.

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