Breaking Bad costume for Halloween 2022

One of the most popular characters in the television universe in recent years has undoubtedly been Walter White. The main character of Breaking Bad has become an icon for many and, in fact, he is also a highly demanded character for this coming Halloween. Now we want to explain how to make the Breaking Bad Costume for Halloween 2022 and how to be both Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, and some other character from this popular series.

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Halloween horror makeup with mask

This Halloween 2022 will be marked by the coronavirus. One of two, either we adapt our costume to the circumstances or we stay at home. And this option is not contemplated. Therefore, we are going to show you a horror makeup for Halloween with a mask.

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In this case, we are going to use a half bust of Walter White to adapt the horror makeup for Halloween with a mask. If we have this scarf that covers up to above the nose, we already have a large part of the face work done. From there, all that remains is to complete the look.

How will we do it? Well, taking into account that we only have free eyes, it would be enough to look for glasses similar to those of Heisenberg in the series and put on the hood of the yellow cook suit. Enough to terrify anyone on Halloween 2022.

The horror makeup option for Halloween with a mask is given to us by this realistic and highly accomplished model that will prevent us from having to grow a goatee. In this case, we have the look from the first seasons, so it’s time to complete it with a hat and glasses. We completed the costume with the boring professor outfit that hides a murderer and trafficker.

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In the case of this mask, we play with the advantage that it covers half the face. This, coupled with glasses and a hat, will make it difficult to recognize you.

And finally, two horror makeup for Halloween with a classic but recognizable mask. For those who do not want to dress up completely but want to show that they are fans of the series, we have two most colorful options.

The first, a mask that combines the name of the series and the pandemic. The Breaking Quarantine mask calls for breaking the pandemic but, let’s remember, that the goal is to be scary and this threat is scary.

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The other alternative is this mask that reminds people who is dangerous. It will depend on the attitude of whoever wears it, whether whoever reads it believes it.

Breaking Bad costume for Halloween 2022

Halloween 2022 is just around the corner so there’s nothing like looking for a good costume with which to surprise everyone.

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If you want to scare your friends, there is nothing better than a zombie costume in the style of The Walking Dead, but if what you want is to wear the fashionable costume, I suggest you go for the Breaking Bad one.

Getting the Breaking Bad costume

Breaking Bad is a series already finished although there is still a lot of talk about it. Its protagonist Walter White is a chemistry professor who is discovered to have terminal cancer, so he chooses to dedicate himself to cooking and selling methamphetamine with the intention of leaving money for his family once he has died.

Choose a character for your Breaking Bad costume

The character evolves in such a way throughout the series that we can say that if you have to choose a Breaking Bad costume for this Halloween you can opt for some of the different versions of the character or if you prefer you can be the character of Jessie Pinkman, Walter’s partner and may also be a good choice.

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Both characters usually wear street clothes in the series so achieving their appearance will be relatively easy, if you also adopt their “look” either because you wear one of the caps and hats that they wear or even if you cut your hair hair the same way.

Breaking Bad Costume for Halloween 2022 | Walter White

Walter White begins the series as a middle-aged man, without any style to dress, so opting for a costume of the “first” Walter that we meet, I don’t think it will work for you.

How to get to be Walter White

It is better to advance in the series and see how Walter White becomes a radically different character after appearing in this guise.

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The character goes from teacher to manufacturer or “cook” of blue crystal so there is nothing better than betting on some of the outfits he uses when he “cooks”.

From the second season the character appears without any hair, so it is then when we can choose to dress as you see above.

Beige (or dark brown) jacket and pants and plaid shirt that is a very easy outfit to get; Maybe it will be more complicated to shave your hair, although you can always bet on a fake bald head, and don’t forget the goatee.

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Yellow Walter White Costume

Another Breaking Bad costume that in fact perfectly represents the series is the yellow costume that the protagonists use to cook their “blue crystal” and that you can buy at a costume store or if you prefer, “make” it with a little wit, perhaps with a raincoat of the same color.

This yellow jumpsuit is very cheap now that the series is over but you can also choose to try making it yourself.

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You can try a yellow raincoat, but even in DIY stores or paint stores you can find overalls like this.

Also don’t forget some good plastic gloves, which you can buy at any multi-price store or supermarket, or wellington boots.

Walter White-Heisenberg Costume

Finally, nothing like appearing dressed as you see in this other image. Walter White when he is already a protagonist to be feared, who in fact calls himself Heisenberg and whose dark (or khaki tone) clothing, jacket, shirt and pants are easy to imitate. Don’t forget sunglasses and a hat.

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The hat is the key to a good Walter White costume according to many fans, but so is growing a beard. Actor Bryan Cranston will be remembered for his entire life for this character and sometimes we don’t even recognize him when he appears in interviews completely shaven.

It is essential if you want your Breaking Bad costume to be believable so that you don’t forget about the goatee, you can let it grow or if you are a bald-headed you will have no choice but to wear a false one or paint it.

Walter White Costume with Briefs

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And to put an end to all of Walter White’s “looks” throughout the series, nothing like looking back at his first season. In fact to the first episode.

When the series begins, we see a man driving a caravan like crazy, wearing his underpants and a gas mask.

This is the way we met Walter White and can also make a great Halloween costume. All you have to do is actually get a shirt and some boxers.

The shirt, green, and the underpants must be white, and of a classic design. Better also if it’s something dirty like the one of the character who runs through the desert with it.

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Also complete your costume with socks and winter shoes, and if you wish you can add a gun, as you see in the photo, and then an anti-gas mask.

Breaking Bad Costume for Halloween 2022 | Jesse Pinkman

On the other hand, if you wish you could be Jesse Pinkman on Halloween night 2022 you have it very easy. This character is distinguished by always dressing scruffy, with baggy pants, or somewhat dirty baggy jeans.

His is quite an urban style so it won’t be too difficult for you to imitate him.

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How to be Jesse Pinkman

You can also choose an old t-shirt, a zippered sweatshirt and if you want to complete the whole “look” of a character who is also addicted to drugs, don’t forget to shave or wear your hair very short and leave several days of beard .

Do not forget either that one of the accessories of this character is his eternal wool cap. In the series we see him wearing several models, although they are always black or blue and with details such as stripes.

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As I said before, the ideal is that if you decide to be Jesse Pinkman this Halloween 2022, you should choose to keep your hair shaved.

Jesse Pinkman’s hairstyle and beard

If you already wear it this way, you may be perfect, but if not, try cutting your hair, unless you choose the wool hat option.

Jesse Pinkman’s hair and goatee style is casually trending anyway, so you might choose to imitate him for the night of October 31st, and then you can look trendy for the rest of Fall Winter.

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In addition to this type of costume, we also recommend that you opt for jackets and t-shirts that look old.

Not “vintage” or “retro” style but they are used. If we know Jesse for anything, it’s because he’s a poor young man, addicted, so the more “worn out” you look, the better.

Breaking Bad Costume for Halloween 2022 | Saul Goodman

Saul Goodman, Walter White’s lawyer, is another of the characters that we can imitate for this Halloween 2022, since he also now has his own series, Better Call Saul.

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How to get the Saul Goodman costume

Saul stands out for being a character who always wears a suit, but also usually wears brightly colored shirts like green or red.

Notice also that the character has a very characteristic hairstyle, to one side but without being very marked.

Breaking Bad Costume for Halloween 2022 | Gus Fring

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And if you are a true fan of Breaking Bad, do not hesitate and bet on being the character of Gus Fring, the most feared villain in the series.

For this simple costume, you will only need to put on a fitted suit and little else, round glasses and that’s it, so that nobody may know who you really are,

Gus Fring post-explosion costume

For this reason, it is best to bet on a fitted suit costume as I tell you but with special makeup like the one we see in the photo

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In the series, Gus Fring suffers an explosion that leaves his face as you see in the photo, if you want to know how to do this makeup we leave you this explanatory video with all the steps.

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