What to give on Father’s Day 2022

Sometimes it is difficult to find the perfect gift for Father’s Day, also there is very little left for the big date and if You have not opted for any yet, we help you find the ideal gift that will surprise your parents.

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I don’t know about you, but I find it increasingly difficult to decide what to give on Father’s Day. A task that continues to get more complicated year after year because we are always anxious to surpass the gift of the previous year. Of course, this year I have proposed to give something original and knowing my father, I know that a wardrobe renovation is one of the safest options.

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Despite the fact that our parents have a birthday, it does not mean that they do not care about their image and that they are flirtatious. Therefore, this year one of the bets that we propose is that you give them something fashionable, so they can rejuvenate and refresh their image.

Shirts, which are fashionable, are my father’s favorite item of clothing, and probably many of yours. However, more than the garment itself, the secret lies in what type of shirt and how to combine it. We know, for example, that jean shirts are in fashion, thus becoming one of the best gifts for Father’s Day.

Fashion does not understand age and there is no better gift for a father than to remind him that he is still a boy. So, if we can manage to kill two birds with one stone, what better occasion than this? It is important that we also keep in mind that plugins are essential.

A bag for Father’s Day

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For some parents, a bag may not be the right one, but for others it may be one of those super useful accessories. Look at how she usually dresses!

On the other hand, for those who always have work folders on top, one of the best options to give as a gift is a leather briefcase and, if you add a matching leather belt to that… You’re going to freak out! Style, fashion and a quality item.

Take care of your plant

Being the father of a plant has become super fashionable. Even if dad doesn’t have a thumb for gardening, choose from low light to beginner to professional, and this subscription gets the recipient a new plant and pot every month. Choose from four pot colors, which the recipient can change over time, and the delivery is sure to provide greenery and decor for the home.

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A healthy bottle

Have you ever seen your dad clean his water bottle? Probably not, so this Larq option should be on the list of gift options for him. The self-cleaning water bottle has an LED light that not only purifies the water, but the bottle as well. The bottle self-clean mode turns on every two hours. Also, the contents of the bottle will stay cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. This 17-ounce container really is a simple bottle that stays clean and will keep dad hydrated.

Do you like beer?

If Dad’s a bit of a beer snob and knows his pale ale from his porter, he’ll love taking his obsession a step further by brewing a batch of craft beer in his own kitchen. This beer making kit simplifies the home brewing process by providing you with all the necessary supplies and ingredients to make a case of your favorite beer. It only takes an hour of hands-on time and six weeks of waiting (the hard part!) to get a perfectly brewed, ready-to-drink beer.

Prepare your own cocktail

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A cocktail shaker is a simple yet fun way to shake up a few drinks, no bartending skills required. Just insert the cocktail capsules, select the strength and you’re done. Of course, you have to supply the actual alcohol, but this seriously reduces the need for individual mixers and getting the measurements right. The six-pack, sold separately, includes an Old Fashion, Gin Martini, Whiskey Sour and more. This is great for a cocktail or solo drink.

Clean your barbecue in record time

There are robot vacuums that pick up dirt, autonomous lawn mowers that mow your lawn, and now devices that clean your grill all by themselves. You will love an automatic grill or barbecue cleaner. Just place the cleaner on the grill grate, press a button (10, 20 or 30 minute cleaning cycle) and close the lid. When you return, your grill will be spotless. The brushes are removable and can go directly into the dishwasher for cleaning.

Slippers to be comfortable

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Slippers can sometimes seem like a last-minute gift, so it’s important to find a pair that really stands out. Panama Jack slippers are a fan favorite and have literally sold millions of pairs. The shearling lining is incredibly soft, so dad will love slipping his feet into these after a long day. Plus, the quality of the craftsmanship means you’ll have them for years to come and the slippers are easy to clean.

Accessories for Father’s Day

Accessories are also highly recommended for Father’s Day. Among the many options, we have already talked about bags, but why not also choose some sunglasses?

Sunglasses are always a good idea as they are often subject to seasonal fashion changes and different uses, so there is no risk of buying one pair and making a mistake, as our father may have several pairs . In fact we can buy models for skiing, for when it’s windy if your father is allergic to dust or pollen, or simply glasses to avoid the sun.

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For this reason, choosing sunglasses is easy given the wide range available on the market, but the important thing is to pay attention to pre-assembled sunscreens, it is precisely the latter that must be of excellent quality.

A unique, original gift in keeping with the times or rather a timeless gift for Father’s Day can also be a watch.

The watch is another gift that allows us to cover all types of budgets and is a gift that is always appreciated.

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Also among the accessories or accessories to give for Father’s Day, we can choose the option of a tie, which you will find in many fashion stores, with all kinds of patterns or colors. In the event that your father is a classic man, it is better that you bet on the tie in black, navy blue or gray, or on the other hand you can opt for the latest trends in this regard, choosing the tie with a micro print.

Beauty products for Father’s Day

On the other hand, one of the most popular gifts for Father’s Day is perfume or an aftershave, which we can include in this section also more than appropriate for this day. In this case, it is best to choose the perfume or lotion that dad always uses and in this way you will be able to hit the mark.

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Today’s men take care of themselves more than ever, so if you are looking for something to give your father apart from colognes and he also has a beard, there is nothing better than betting, for example, on a beard care kit that you can find on the internet, with different prices and a variety of products.

Technology for Father’s Day

On the other hand, giving away fashion or accessories on Father’s Day is usually something recurring, perhaps you will surprise him more if you bet on technology.

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Apart from being able to choose one of the smartphones or tablets that “swarm” around the market, perhaps on Father’s Day it would be good for you to choose another technological accessory such as smart bracelets and that I am telling you now that they are going to become the new “geek” trend to join very soon.

Samsung has introduced the “Gear Fit”, bracelets with various functions and that we can connect to our smartphone, but they are not the first. For months there has been talk of Fitbit bracelets, a wrist gadget that is used to monitor physical activity and sleep quality, and they are sweeping the United States. Its price is around 90 euros.

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We can also choose the option of headphones for both the mobile phone or the tablet, especially the wireless ones, which represent a gift idea that will allow us to hit the mark with parents who are more technological and also without the need to spend too. You may have thought about Apple Earpods, but if you are over budget, you can find “earpods” that are cheaper from “low cost” brands.

Of course, to buy this type of headphones, we have to assess the relationship between acoustic quality and comfort, because this technology is more delicate and more susceptible to disturbances and interference; otherwise, it is better to bet then on the wired headphones that are lower cost and allow a higher acoustic quality.

Father’s Day Getaway

What better gift than a vacation, than being able to give him the opportunity to enjoy a few days for himself or with the person he chooses, with stays anywhere in Spain.

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You will also find in this type of packs, which you have different brands to choose from, various activities such as going to a spa, doing something adventurous such as driving a Ferrari on a circuit or riding in a balloon; If you like gastronomy, do not miss the opportunity to make a pairing, receive a breakfast at home or eat at the restaurant of your choice.

This type of packs are also an opportunity to give away something very special.

Slightly special gift ideas

In light of what we have recommended, such as the gift of the special pack with a dinner or experience for Father’s Day, we can think of something that he really likes and surprise him like never before.

We have seen a lot of material ideas that are good gifts, but we don’t have to spend money on something that maybe you don’t even use. Let’s think a little and maybe it’s better to reserve a table at dad’s favorite restaurant, invite him to the cinema to see a movie or take him by surprise to the theater.

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Does your father love soccer or basketball? How about two tickets to watch your favorite team’s game together? In the same way, if your father is a fan of a singer or loves the theater or the opera, you can choose to buy two tickets to attend the concert of his favorite singer or to go, as we have mentioned, to the theater or the opera. As you can see, there are many things that can be done together to make this day unforgettable and very special. But do not forget that the most important gift for every father is to be told: “Happy day dad”, preferably said verbally and not with a cold message on the phone.

Ideas for the little ones

When you are still young, the gift that will make every parent happy cannot be more than something made with their own hands, perhaps with the help of their mother. The simplest idea and within everyone’s reach is a beautiful design, which for the little ones can be a hand or foot print, while the mother will be in charge of placing it, for example, on clay to have a nice memory. You can also choose to take a photo to give to dad dressed or disguised in a funny way.

Another idea is to choose to make a drawing, for which the children can also build a frame (there are many child-friendly tutorials on the Internet) and insert that drawing or also a photo of the father together with the son / daughter. And if you really want to do something flashy, you can make a crown like a king; with cardboard, aluminum foil, colored beads and a stapler. The procedure to do it is easy and you can always resort to the help of the internet.

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If you are looking for an object, the choice may fall on many small gadgets to customize. They can range from a breakfast mug in which a photo of the father with the child can be printed, or a personalized dedication, such as “To the best father in the world”. In addition to the mugs, there is the possibility of buying personalized t-shirts with photos and dedications, or a pillow or paintings, always with a print. All of these items can be purchased both online and directly from photographer shops, where you also have the opportunity to see the items live to realize what you’re buying, which usually doesn’t happen when you shop online.

Another very nice gift would be a plate that is always personalized, on which to engrave a dedication. Another very good idea would be to give two equal things, one for the father and the other for the son / daughter. Think of a tie, a shirt, a sweatshirt, a hat, or maybe some cute suspenders that you can wear for a walk together.

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