Do you know how to combine well the colors of men’s clothing according to the type of skin you have?

The biggest difficulty that men face, especially beginners, is how to combine the colors of their clothes. But it increases, even more if possible, when we want to combine clothes according to skin type. Yes Yes, the skin is important when choosing the color. Therefore, we want to make your life easier and that you know how to combine the colors of clothes according to your skin.

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Skin color influences a lot when choosing one color or another of a garment. Not all colors are going to favor us, there will even be some beads that do the opposite. As a general rule, there are three types of skin tone: Light skin, intermediate skin, and darker skin.

Choose and combine colors according to skin type

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Light Skin

Those of you who have light or whiter skin will benefit from dark colors: black, dark blue, grey, red,… and light colors such as: white, gold and silver. These are primary colors and they have a hue that complements the skin perfectly.

Medium Skin

For intermediate skins, they see a clear advantage for being in between. The choice of a range of colors or others is much wider and they vary from the previous ones: white, black, dark blue, … adding light blues, grays and beiges.

Dark skins

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The third skin tone, dark skin, the colors that favor you the most are the lightest colors. White will make your skin color stand out more, since the contrast will stand out and look very good. They can choose colors like blue, a very showy color, as well as yellow, green, fuchsia or even black.

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