Tips for good male dress: The clothes you wear should be your size

Currently , there are many men who suffer from maldressing syndrome, that is, wearing sizes that are not the ones that correspond to them, and that are generally two or three sizes larger than what they really need.

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We do not know for sure what this bad dress syndrome is due to, but I am sure that one of the influences of this problem is due to rappers and reggaeton players who wear clothes that are too big for them and therefore men usually wear clothes wide too.

But don’t think that they only occur in the fields of music, here I have some images that give reason that this small problem also tends to happen to office workers.

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For example, we have two photographs that apparently show us a very well-dressed boy, with a tie, shirt, and dress pants, however, if you notice, one of the two photographs looks much better than the other for the simple reason that reason to wear a more fitted shirt to your body.

It may seem silly, but it is a reality, the article of clothing that one wears must be of his size to be able to achieve a better effect in front of the eyes of other people and also to be able to feel good about oneself.

This is super simple advice that I hope you put into practice to put an end once and for all to the badly dressed syndrome that afflicts society.

At least use it when you go to work or in more formal clothes, you already know that personal presence is the most important thing, especially in work environments.

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