How to choose screen-printed t-shirts

If you are thinking of changing your looks and betting on screen-printed t-shirts, we tell you everything you need to make a good choice.

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Did you know that screen printing is considered one of the oldest printing techniques? Of course, in those days, most of the process was done manually, today it has been possible to mechanize the process and that has allowed you to buy screen-printed t-shirts at a more affordable price.

One of the interesting points of this type of t-shirt is that they are customizable. In other words, you can buy a t-shirt that someone has designed and change the colors or the background, or you can bring your own design (image or phrase chosen) and ask them to bring it to life through a screen-printed t-shirt.

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Choose a design that speaks of you

Let’s be honest, any clothing choice you make speaks of you. Think of it as a package that reflects your tastes, your ideas or the message you want to send to the world, whether explicit or implicit.

Currently you have an infinite number of designs already made at your disposal and with a great variety of themes. For example: music, sports, series and movies, television, public figures, typical phrases, humor, politics, religion, hobbies… Everything can be turned into a message printed on your clothes.

If you are a creative person, don’t waste time looking for the design that others have created and make your own. You will have a shirt that has nothing and that nobody can copy, 100% yours in every way. What do you prefer to get some money? You can put your design up for sale and get paid for every time someone chooses your design to make a t-shirt.

The choice of color

Did you know that colors have a direct effect on mood? This is what psychology says, that is why some colors are chosen and not others for the decoration of the walls, in the shopping centers and also in the clothes.

For this reason, you can choose a color for your shirt based on your favorite color, taking into account the emotion you want to generate in others when they see it, depending on the context in which you think you will use it more frequently or if it is a garment that you want to combine easily. And watch out! there is also another option, since we have associated certain colors with themes or politics, which can also influence your criteria.

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The material of your shirt, very important

In most cases, the material with which the shirt has been made is not given importance, but it is important to stop to read and make a good choice.

A first point is to know the manufacture of that shirt, to know if it is respectful or not with the environment and what type of fabric has been used (for example, organic cotton). For those who are not interested in this aspect, at least pay attention to know the types of care it needs to stay in good condition and if it is a fabric that tends to shrink or not after washing.

With all this information in your hands, it is essential that you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when washing your clothes: whether or not they can be put in the washing machine (usually yes), at what maximum temperature (for please, do not overdo it or forget to wear it), if it can be dry cleaned or not (usually not), if it can be tumble dried, etc.

If you like fashion, don’t miss the trends

There are those who prefer to spend their money on completely timeless clothes, which means that they are out of fashion and trends, following their own style during the four seasons of the year. If this is not your case, before starting to buy a screen-printed t-shirt, take a look at what the trends are this year: what colors are in, fabrics, what are the hottest themes of the season, etc. Of course, before you blindly follow a trend, see if it goes well with your style and if it looks good on you. Example, horizontal stripes don’t always look good.

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The length of the sleeve

Tanks for men, short-sleeved or long-sleeved? Undoubtedly, you can find screen-printed t-shirts with different sleeve lengths and it’s up to you to choose which one best suits your style or which one would add more play to your wardrobe.

The most comfortable thing, if you are looking for a t-shirt to use throughout the year, is to opt for a short-sleeved one. Then you can assess the type of neck that you like the most, if you prefer the basic and usual or you want a V-neck, or more open, etc.

As you see, however you want your shirt you can create it to your liking, to your style and that feels good to you.

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