How to Wear Shorts With Big Thighs

To make your thighs look smaller when you are wearing shorts is not a big deal. It would be great to keep in mind a few tips and suggestions that will let you look great. 

Most men live with a lot of insecurities, and big thighs are one of them. They try their best to make their thighs look smaller by pairing theirs with different types of shirts and T-shirts. Sometimes they tuck their shirts to choose two folds.

All in all, they try various tactics, but not all of these tips always work out. We have a few of the most efficient and effective tactics that can help men look fabulous and can make their day. Listed below is what you can do if you have bigger thighs and want to wear shorts. 

Most men like to wear shorts during weekends or at picnics. Shorts are casual and give a pleasant vibe. But men with bigger thighs hesitate to wear shorts. Here is how you can wear shorts if you have bigger thighs but you are interested in wearing them and looking cool. 

Shorter shorts

Men with bigger thighs should wear shorts that one or two-inch below their knees. Short shorts for fat knees can be a great option. But this also depends on your personal choice. 

Shorts size

If you are somebody who doesn’t want to flaunt his thigh, which I suppose you are, then you should avoid wearing shorts of size 5’’. 

athletic shorts for big thighs

Not too short nor too long

Another way to remove focus from your thighs is to wearing shorts that are not way too long or too short. 

Athletic shorts for big thighs

Men can wear gym shorts or athletic shorts as well on a usual day if they have bigger thighs. Athletic shorts would make them look great and will let them hide their flaw.


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Colour, stripes, designs, and choice of T-shirts also play an essential role in helping you remove the focus from your bigger thighs. Provided below are some other tips that you can apply while wearing pants if you have bigger thighs.   

Thin folds

Most men commit the mistake of folding up their jeans many times. It doesn’t always look appropriate. These ample folds can reduce the size of your legs and make your thighs look even more significant. 

Therefore, it would be good for you if you fold your jeans only once or twice. Thin folds will create an illusion that your legs are tall and thighs are small and can make your legs look glamorous. 

Cuffed workout pants 

Many people have a misconception that they can wear their workout pants during the time of exercising only. But this is strictly not true. 

Workout pants can be worn anytime, especially if those pants are good looking. Most workout pants are smooth and can hide your big thighs. 

Conclusion: Having bigger thighs is not a significant issue, and men shouldn’t feel insecure about that. With proper pairing and right color combinations, men can wear whatever types of pants they want to wear.

They shouldn’t feel insecure; instead, they should accept that and be confident because confidence will make them look 10X smarter. 

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