What to Wear With Pink Shorts For Men

If you’re ready to branch out your personal style and include exciting colours into your wardrobe, then you may be looking for some guidance as to what to wear with this summer’s hottest men’s clothing item–pink shorts. 

Pink shorts are becoming an increasingly common fashion accessory for men, but it can be a challenge to match with such a bold colour. 

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your wardrobe and including pink shorts in a way that intensifies your overall look.

So the question arises in everyone’s mind What to Wear With Pink Shorts For Men?

Shade Matters

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One of the major factors that go into deciding what to wear with pink men’s shorts is what shade of pink you are working with. 

Light shaded pink shorts correspond with early summer and spring shades while darker pink shorts are more in line with late hot summer months. 

Short Length

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Another main factor in determining what to wear with pink shorts is the length of the shorts. Generally, a more casual approach should be taken with pink shorts as they get shorter on the thigh, while longer pink shorts should be treated with a more formal tone. 

Short pink shorts can be seen as activewear or relaxed wear. 

Formal or Casual

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Perhaps the most significant factor is whether you are trying to achieve a formal or casual look. Pink shorts pair very well with a short-sleeve button-up shirt, which can achieve a more traditional look and can be worn to social gatherings. 

Those with simple goals can pair their pink shorts with light t-shirts or long sleeve shirts for warmth.

Material and Feel

What to Wear With Pink Shorts For Men

For a lighter material that is breezy and designed to be comfortable, you may want to consider a lighter t-shirt instead of a button-up. 

This could also pair well with a sweatshirt or casual long sleeve t-shirt in the colder months. Heavier shorts will be slightly more serious and will require the corresponding reciprocation from the shirt. 

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