How To Make Jeans Tighter At The Ankle Without Sewing

Do you have that pair of jeans which you can’t wear because they are too loose at the ankles or look old-fashioned? Have you ever tried to fix the straight jeans to skinny fit ankle length but end up in a clutter? 

Yes, we face some of the other issues with a pair of jeans that do not fit in every area. Either it is too baggy around the bum or too saggy around the thigh. No one size fits all while styling skinny jeans.

Skinny jeans for men have come up so far after gaining popularity in the latest fashion, from those baggy and flared style jeans to denim trends. It accentuates your leg length, giving it a natural shape, and you can also show off your footwear choice, which provides you with a classy and stylish look to puff up.

So if you find it harder to transform your straight jeans into skinny ankles while using sewing as it annoys you and takes plenty of time, then here are some hacks you can try to find how you can make your jeans tighter at the ankle without sewing-

how to make jeans tighter at the ankle with rubber band
  • Make your jeans tighter at the ankle with a hair tie: This hack can be a lifesaver for those who want tight jeans at ankle length without sewing. You need to roll your jeans once and then wrap a hair tie halfway around your ankle.

Now roll your hem over the hair tie and tuck it under to make it look snappy. Follow this on the other leg. Voila! You have created a neat look that won’t unravel later, and you feel secure round the clock.

  • Cuff your jeans: There are different cuffs, but making a double-over cuff is the most adaptable look for men’s styles. 

For this, fold the hem once with a high cuff(about 3-5 inches wide) and then fold it another time over the first cuff to show the details of the rim of the leg opening to create a chunky cuff.

  • Pin roll your jeans the right way: To pin roll your jeans, first pull on the inside seam of the jeans’ leg with your index finger before folding it backward, making the fold as tight as possible. While keeping pressure on the fold with one hand, start folding the hem of the jeans upwards with the other hand.

Make the first fold about ½ inch high and as even as possible. While still applying pressure to the fold at the inside seam, use your other hand to fold the hem one more time. Now try this with another pant leg to ensure that both legs are even.

I’m sure that you got an idea of fixing a pair of jeans at the ankle and quickly making them look comfortable and trendy, giving it a casual outfit while also drawing attention to your footwear.