A Complete Guide on How to Wear a Pocket Watch

“In the world full of trend, I want to remain classic” – Iman.

Well! There are certain classic pieces that can disappear for a while but when the right time arrives, they take a grand entry and gets back to the track in a big way.

Pocket watch – A portable timepiece, often fasten with intricate, and enclosed in design and jewels clearly falls within this category of classics. 

The beauty of the pocket watch is enhanced with the addition of chain, belts, and loops with which it is laced and then, carried around in a pocket. These bold chains prevent the clock from dropping. In case chains or belts appears little complex, a pocket watch can also be carried around in a leather band. 

With the return of the vintage style of clothing, the world of pocket watches is back again. If somehow, you want to renew your style and you are thinking about wearing a pocket watch, here’s a total guide on how to wear a pocket watch.

But, before we dive straight into the topic, let’s explore the origin and history of the pocket watches.

History of the timeless pocket watch

Dated back to the 16th century, pocket watches were initially invented as a means to include a portable watch into men’s dressing style and for the sake of displaying one’s richness.

History of the timeless pocket watch

In no time, pocket watches had become a status symbol for a large community of people. The lower class of people could afford only cheap pocket watches made up of common materials. It was said that rich people wore gold and silver pocket watches while brass pocket watches belonged to the less wealthy group of people.

Initially, these timepieces were worn by the owners as pendants, around their neck. However, it was quite unsafe to wear the ill-protected watch as there was no glass casing over it. While, in the course of time, the designs of pocket watches become safe, slimmer, and fashionable.

Unfortunately, during World War II, the pocket watches lost to the wrist watches due to the sudden requirement of a more convenient and quicker method to read the time. During that period, pocket watches went almost out of fashion, and on the other hand, there was a significant spike in the popularity of the wristwatches among the target buyers.

But some things never go out of style. And, the pocket watch is one of those timeless trends!

Types of Pocket Watches

Out of various distinctive styles, there are the two most prominent styles of pocket watches. One of the popular styles is the Open Case, and another one is the Hunter Case watch.

Types of Pocket Watches

● Open Case: In the late 19th century, the lid above the glass watch was eliminated by the railroad workers. This design had an addition of a pendant above the 12’o clock marker as well as a sub-dial near the 6’o clock marker.

● Hunter Case: In this category, a spring-loaded metal lid is equipped with the watches in order to protect the crystals from any sort of damage. A hole is provided in the middle of the lid to ease the activity of reading the time.

 Pocket Watch Chains

The value and authenticity of a pocket watch are enhanced with the presence of a chain attached to it. The bold chain influences your style of wearing a pocket watch and the place where you can wear it.

Pocket Watch Chains

● Belt Bar: A belt bar resembles a small belt chain that clips or slides onto the belt or top of your pants. Then, you can keep the watch inside your pocket.

● T-bar: This pocket watch chain has a T-shaped bar that will run through one of the buttonholes on your shirt or waistcoat. And, the watch will fit in the closest pocket.

● Bolt ring: This is the most versatile option among the pocket watch chains. You can clip one end of this chain to a belt loop on your pants or onto a buttonhole on a waistcoat, vest or shirt.

How to wear a pocket watch for a formal event?

How to wear a pocket watch for a formal event

A formal event demands a decent dress code that could bring you a shade of confidence and at the same time, could outshine your personality.

In formal events such as weddings, office meetings, or parties, you can reach out for a pocket watch along with a vest, waistcoat, and suits to upgrade your dressing style and create a long-lasting impact on the spectators.

How to wear a pocket watch with a vest?

A vest is designed in a typical way to carry the pocket watch with a chain. While wearing a pocket watch, opt for a traditional approach which gives you a classic and a formal outlook. A century ago, vests had a separate watch hole, explicitly designed for this purpose. While in the modern era, you have to go for one of the existing buttonholes in your vest.

● Out of single style pocket watch chain or T-bar chain, choose a chain that suits you best in a vest.

● Before you button up, fasten the chain. While doing this, be sure that the chain remains visible and give you a perfect look.

● Insert the pocket watch chain through one of the buttonholes. Then, receive the chain on the other end and insert it in the pocket.

● Now, place the watch in the pocket that is exactly opposite to the selected buttonhole.

And there you are! Perfectly ready for the event.

How to wear a pocket watch with a suit?

If you want to create a powerful first impression on any special occasion such as a wedding or work parties, wear an ever-stylish pocket watch paired with a suit. It will impart you an instant touch of royal glory and will take your wedding style to the next level. 

● In the case of a three-piece suit, attach the chain to any of the buttonholes. If possible, clip the chain on the lower buttonholes.

● Now, slip the clock inside the pocket on the side of your waistcoat.

● To obtain a different look, you can also place the pocket watch in the side pockets of your pant. This method of styling is also preferable when the chain of the watch is short in terms of length.

● While pairing a pocket watch with a suit, it’s good to consider the color combination. For instance, a silver pocket watch looks cool with a grey, blue and green-hued suits.

How to wear a pocket watch with a 2-piece suit?

A 2-piece suit seamlessly adds up to the elegance and personality of a man. It should make you stand out from the crowd and reflects your sense of dressing. It indirectly depicts your inner confidence and gentlemanliness.

To enhance your formal look in a 2-piece suit, pair it up with a classic pocket watch. There are several ways out there in which you can flawlessly wear a pocket clock with a 2-piece suit.

● Attach a pocket watch chain to your suit jacket buttonhole. And, let the watch to slip freely inside the pocket of your jacket.

● Or else, opt for a belt loop chain that allows you to connect your watch to the trouser belt loop.

How to wear a pocket watch with a suit jacket?

If you are not comfortable in wearing a waistcoat and therefore, you are planning to wear a suit jacket, you can still accessorize your look with a trendy pocket watch.

● You can simply thread the T-bar of your chain through the buttonhole of your jacket and put the watch in the breast pocket.

● Alternatively, you can put the T-bar in the middle hole of a three-button jacket and then, pop the watch in either of the front pockets.

How to wear a pocket watch with a tailcoat?

 On the revival of the retro style, tailcoats have become immensely popular due to its historical origin. For a formal evening, it is considered a perfect dress code.

Typically, a well-tailored tailcoat is made from the finest worsted wool and is solid black in color. It is generally worn with formal trousers and elegant footwear. You can add a personal touch to your style by wearing an accessory of your choice.

If you choose to wear a classic timepiece such as a pocket watch, opt for a silver, white gold or platinum pocket watch.

● In the case of a tailcoat, attach the chain to any of the buttonholes. If possible, clip the chain on the lower buttonholes.

● Now, slip the clock inside the pocket on the side of your tailcoat.

How to wear a pocket watch T-bar chain?

Out of the three different styles of pocket watch chains, T-bar chain is the most preferred one with a suit or waistcoat, in terms of style. 

The T-bar chain is often known as an Albert T-bar chain, named after the famous King Albert who always used to carry a pocket chain with him. This chain has a bar attached in the middle which appears like a flattened T. 

When the chain is attached to a waistcoat or a suit jacket of a two-piece suit, you can easily flaunt your style amongst your peers.

● You can insert the T-bar into one of the buttonholes of your jacket. This could be done from either the inside of your jacket or from the outside.

● After this step, you can place the watch in one of your pockets and the fob in the opposite pocket. You can also let the fob to hang down.

How to wear a pocket watch casually?

Are you looking for an attention-grabbing accessory to wear with your casual clothes?

Then, add a traditional pocket watch to your shirt, polo, jeans, or chinos.

Try out this trend to look sleek and elegant.

How to wear a pocket watch with jeans?

Initially, it seemed weird to make a combination of jeans and pocket watches. However, this look really turned out to be a fabulous one when you go for the right fit, right color and the right size of the watch.

● Choose a belt loop pocket watch chain and attach the chain to your jeans. Now, pop the pocket watch in the pocket of your jeans.

● If you are wearing a pocket watch then, dress up in dark blue, grey or black jeans. The light-colored jeans would not be the right choice to pair up with a pocket watch.

● Additionally, choose a straight or slim fit jeans and wear a matching shirt or a blazer to uplift your style.

How to wear a pocket watch without a waistcoat or a vest?

If you want to rock in a pocket watch, you don’t always need to dress up in a vest or a waistcoat or a sharp suit jacket.

There are several possible ways in which you can include a pocket watch casually into your look. Pair up a shirt or a polo with jeans, trousers, or pants to integrate a pocket watch in your style. You can try to add chinos or loafers with the bottoms to offer a more relaxed look to your personality. But, go for dark-coloured bottoms such as grey, brown, navy blue and black.

● Place the pocket watch inside the pocket of your pants or trousers and attach the chain to your shirt or clip the chain to the belt loop.

● In order to obtain a classy look, wear cargo pants along with the thick and heavy pocket watch chain.

● You can also try a retro look and place the watch in the front pocket of your shirt.

So, now you must be assured that you can easily integrate a pocket watch into your everyday style to add a touch of retro and modern trends at the same time.

Be it a formal event such as a wedding or a casual one. A pocket watch will never disappoint you. Therefore, follow the trend, create your own style and invest your valuable money in a pocket watch!

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