How to wear beanie hats for boys 2021

If you are still wondering what is a beanie hat, remember that it is nothing more than a hat with a casual and unique appearance that As well as being incredibly versatile, it can add an instant dose of personality to your look and give it a more modern look. While we don’t recommend wearing a beanie with a suit, it’s versatile enough to match most casual outfits. One of the best fashion accessories for men, so we explain how to wear beanie hats for boys 2021.

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Beanie hats have been a men’s winter fashion staple for a long time. If you like woolly hats, or you prefer cotton, these are a perfect accessory for you. Although different trends come and go, the beanie is still there and of course it will be a trend again in winter 2021, so let’s see how you can wear it.

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How to wear beanie hats for boys 2021

There are several ways to wear beanies and enough styles for you to like one, there are floppy beanies, long beanies and very simple fitted beanies. There’s also a variety of material thicknesses, with heavier, thicker options suitable for winter, and thinner material for a more versatile, less intense spring look.

From the relaxed slouched style to the urban look. It is a versatile item that can be easily mixed and matched with a very wide range of wardrobe. If you are looking for a good hat for the winter, or just something to add a cool touch to your look, a beanie could be just what you are looking for.

How to wear beanie hats for boys 2021 | Colors

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One of the points in favor of beanies is that you will be able to find them in a wide variety of colors, there are not only a couple of shades that you can choose from. You should combine them with the clothes you wear but don’t be obsessed with it.

Let’s just say if you’re going navy or gray don’t choose a yellow beanie to go with them. If you are wearing a neutral color you should invest in neutral colored beanies as well. It is a complement to your look and, despite being important, it should not be too flashy. Take a look at the photo above, a proposal for a beanie hat from Zara in gray, combined with a sweater of the same color.

On the other hand, bright colors are fine for informal, relaxed looks. They come in handy for when you meet up with your friends or when you want to give your outfit some sparkle. You can also buy a beanie with a pompom, they are very original and fun.

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How to wear beanie hats for boys 2021 | hairstyle

Although you may never have thought about it before, the length of your hair and its type can affect how a hat of this style will look on you. While some beanie hat styles look good on gentlemen with short hair, others may seem strange and inappropriate.

Let’s see how you can combine your beanie hat according to the type of hair you have.

Hairstyle with short hair

If you want to know how to wear beanie hats for boys with short hair, know that it is very simple. When you have little hair, there are models that will suit you better, such as the tightest beanie (there is no hair to “hide”). A thick or slouchy beanie can really dominate your face, dwarfing your head.

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On the other hand, if you have short hair, you should try to avoid hats that are too big or sloppy because they will seem to flood your head due to lack of balance. Instead, opt as we tell you for beanies that are tight. Likewise, you’ll also want to avoid beanies that are excessively thick knits and choose thin or medium weights instead. In particular, a simple beanie in a neutral color can work well for men with short hair because of its fitted shape that doesn’t overwhelm the face.

Hairstyle with curly hair

Curly hair generally tends to be a bit thicker, pushing the beanie up and making it look too voluminous. It is best not to try to tame the curls, and instead try to work around them. Choose a loose knit beanie, a slouchy that is wide enough to hold your curls and, if you have a short haircut, allows some of the curls to show through.

As we tell you, it is better to stick to wider and thicker styles. Alongside the slouchy beanie, one that’s really sloppy can be a particularly stylish option for men with curly hair due to its elongated shape and extra room. Similarly, a tall beanie, which also stretches but sits upright instead of hanging back, may also be a suitable option. While you may be tempted to hide your messy curls under your cap, you should try to refrain. Allowing a few strands to hang loose on the sides and back will give you the most flattering look.

Hairstyle with long hair

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If you are wondering how to wear a beanie hat with a longer hairstyle, know that there are options too. With the continued popularity of men’s ponytails, long hair has become relatively normal among modern men. A fitted beanie will work well in contrast to voluminous hair. If you like the ponytail and you don’t want to do without it, no problem. Adjust the beanie a little more and cover the hair tie, so you will avoid the “bun” it makes and you can put the hat on calmly.

Hairstyle with bangs

The baggy hat is a complement to dress the head, and you must wear it with style. If you are one of those who likes to be fashionable, leave your bangs out and throw them to one side, it is a total and irresistible look. If you prefer to cover your entire forehead, you should align the edge of the beanie with your eyes, do not leave it halfway up as it is a bit unfit and does not match the look you are looking for.

How to wear beanie hats for boys 2021 | How to match clothes

There is no way you should attend a wedding or walk into your gathering with a beanie perched on top of your head. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish wearing a beanie. Especially in the winter, a hat and coat will be your new best friends. To wear a guys beanie hat with formal wear a nice crisp white shirt and plain chinos will do, a knitted style is possibly the most appropriate partner. You’ll look absolutely great.

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When going for a casual look, investing in some knitted sweaters or cardigans is a good idea to start with, after all, cold weather is not forgiving.

Streetwear, this is exactly how you should wear a beanie. It’s quite easy to match a boy’s beanie with your casual clothes, but right now, pairing them with bomber jackets, one of the most popular clothes for men, is just perfect.

A slouchy beanie, it is important that you know how to use it correctly. To look good, you should bring it as far back as possible, letting the extra fabric slide down and cover your ears slightly. This is a relaxed look that will keep you warm, but won’t overpower the rest of your look. If you have a large front, opt to let your bangs peek out a bit.

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If you have a hipster style and don’t know how to wear a beanie hat for boys, don’t worry. An easy way to achieve this look is to fold up a standard beanie a bit, or buy a double beanie. The idea is that it fits your head and gives you the option to wear it higher without it slipping.

Wearing a beanie hat is fine but there’s nothing sloppy about it. It is a very well designed look and you should keep that in mind, having a clean look is a must.

How to wear beanie hats for boys 2021 | Beanie Types

We have already seen how to wear a beanie hat, depending on the colors, the type of hair or cut you wear and even fashion, but we also want to talk about how within the beanie itself we find different styles. From this, perhaps you can then definitively choose the most suitable hat for you.

Baggy Beanie

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The baggy beanie, like this one we see above from Zara, is perfect for creating an informal look. The relaxed style easily allows the rest of the outfit to take center stage while completing your look. When choosing a beanie hat that’s loose fitting, it’s best to go for slimmer and mid-knit styles, as these will look better and sit just the right amount of casual.

Despite what has been mentioned, we have to be careful when wearing this casual beanie style, which on the other hand, sets the trend, since we may awkwardly place it too far back and end up falling off the head due to to the weight back and slipping on the hair.

For this reason, once you have chosen your hat or baggy beanie, make sure that it is placed on the forehead, where you see where your hair begins, for a relaxed style. Even if you have bangs, you can place them from the bangs. Don’t “cap” it too much as we don’t want it to look like any other wool hat either. It is a beanie and as such, you have to wear it with style. On the other hand, you have to make sure to pair this casual hat with a casual outfit like jeans, sneakers, and a simple sweater or coat.

Beanie Low

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Also known as the fisherman style, the beanie that is lower, offers a unique and casual look to the outfits. This trend-setting type of fitted beanie is characterized by a thick roll that is worn high on the forehead. This type of beanie for men shortens and tightens the forehead, as well as helping to ensure that the hat does not shift on the head.

While this style probably won’t keep your head particularly warm and your ears cold, it promises to provide a stylish and elegant look. Try it with a pair of dress pants, a belt and a shirt tucked in or, alternatively, you can choose a turtleneck sweater to combine or also a good winter coat or jacket as we can see with the proposal that we see above that we have found in the new Zara men’s fashion collection for winter 2021.

Slouchy Beanie

In addition to the baggy beanie that we have already told you about, we also have the option of betting on a beanie that is of the slouchy type, that is, a longer hat in which the back falls.

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This is the type of slouchy hat that many men have worn in the past year and the truth is that it is back with force. With this type of beanie you will achieve an urban style that, as we tell you, is currently a trend. Depending on how far back you put it, you may not be able to fully warm your head, or it may even fall off. The key is to position the beanie well centered on the forehead line and let it fall naturally back. When it comes to pairing it with the best fashion, perhaps the best option is to pair it with pants, sneakers, a T-shirt and an oversized coat for a unique urban outfit. Also, remember to make sure your slouchy beanie this season is thick enough that you can wear it as low as you can but still tucked in or you’ll quickly end up looking perhaps too sloppy.

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