Haircuts and hairstyles for men Spring Summer 2022: Short hair

In previous articles I have already advanced you in some way way and in previous posts how we can go to fashion 2022 in matters of haircuts, but I want to focus now on the boys who have short hair. In Modaellos I talk about Haircuts and hairstyles for men Autumn Spring Summer 2022: Short hair.

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Haircuts and hairstyles for men Spring Summer 2022: Short hair

The haircut and hairstyle are aspects almost forgotten by many men when it comes to shaping their style. Neglected hair projects a bad image to the outside.

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But today we bring a solution and also one that you are going to love since we are going to give you proposals for short hair styles.

Variety in short haircuts for Spring Summer 2022

This type of hair is undoubtedly the one that prevails for both men, but such is the variety of cuts and hair that we can find in this regard that you will not know which one to opt for.

As I said, short hair continues to be the biggest trend for men’s haircuts, although we are also beginning to see how long hair is becoming more and more popular for the latest fashions in terms of styles. For this, we recommend that you look at styles such as “grunge” that has returned with great force or the “hipster” style that has been sweeping for years.

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For the first one we will tell you that the mix of long and short hair is one of the hottest trends in this Spring Summer 2022 as you can see above (Justin Bieber) and as we are going to explain later.

Together with what has been indicated, we now see, below, some other trend cuts for this Spring Summer 2022, with which you will find the most successful of all.

Cuts and hairstyles for men Winter 2021 | Shaved Style

The “buzzy” style is sweeping

Very short hair, shaved and known as “buzzy” is a style that is worn a lot and above all, for Autumn Spring Summer 2022. If you want this style, it is undoubtedly a success for a new season that provides a very youthful style. .

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And although singers like Zayn Malik have worn it in the past, and now he is betting on other styles, it is perhaps one of the best shorts that we can suggest when the high temperatures arrive.

If you like shaved hair but don’t want to see your hair so short, it’s as easy as shaving it to a level of at least an inch or two, and also combing it forward.

In this way, you can have a cutting and hairstyle style as current as the one you see above. Also ideal for the new season.

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The blond “buzzy”

On the other hand, it seems that there are many celebrities who sign up to wear their hair shaved in spring-summer, but they also add the touch of wearing it blonde or light in color.

Justin Bieber, for example, opts for a blond shave that suits him very well because he has that color of hair, but also many other dark-haired celebrities have chosen to imitate his style and dye themselves blonde.

The “buzz” “clean” or “clean”


Among the latest “buzz” hair trends for this spring-summer 2022 season, nothing like also choosing what is considered a “buzz” of “clean” style or clean style. A very short type of cut but without having to be the usual shave. In fact, in this type of cut, the hair is cut with scissors without the need for a machine, except for the sides and back. The central and front part is cut to the extreme, also marking a fringe that, as you can see in the image, is very straight.

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Cuts and hairstyles for men Spring Summer 2022 | Undercut style

On the other hand, we repeat that if we look at the models and trends on the catwalks, we have no doubt that short hair for men Spring Summer 2022 will be much more fashionable than long hair.

In this way, you can choose to wear a somewhat casual “look” that is still fashionable, or also choose to wear it very short but with something in common: let the “undercut” set the trend.

Whatever style you like the most to comb your hair, it is best that you show off shaved sides.

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Uncombed undercut style

That said, among all the “undercut” haircuts and hairstyles for short hair that you can choose as the most current for this season, there will undoubtedly be wearing your hair somewhat raised, giving it a disheveled effect or if you prefer wear a kind of toupee that is well raised and at the same time, disheveled with your shaved sides

In this way, we can tell you that the key is to keep your hair very very short and leave something longer on top so that with a little wax you can raise it. Also for guys with curly hair, this cut will look great on you and will allow you to tame the curl.

Up and Side Undercut Style

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Evolving within the “disheveled” style that we have seen previously, we can propose the “undercut” cut that has a raised effect and almost to the side, marking another of the trends of the season.

In this way, if you shave the sides a lot, and let your hair have more volume in the central part, you will make your hair stand out much more, although the truth is that it is not completely short.

Undercut style with very shaved sides

The sides are very shaved (hence the “undercut” or “undercut”) and this is the key to the type of cut that I have described before.

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It seems that a good number of men are currently betting on this style and the truth is that it will be for a reason.

Style “undercut” combed back

Also this style is perfect for you to try all kinds of hairstyles. In fact, all those who wear a shaved-sided look like the ones we’re looking at right now go for combing their hair back like in the photo above

Another option is that you start to mark the line since this is another of the trends of the “undercut” style and also very hipster, as we see now.

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Undercut style with side parting

The parting is not something at all, new, although we can say that there are more and more men who opt for wearing it combining their marked parting with well shaved sides.

Undercut style with parting and raised hair

On the other hand, hair cannot only be parted from the hair itself. We can opt for an Autumn Spring Summer 2022 in which a part is worn to highlight the shaved head, while the rest of the hair is worn up.

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Cuts and hairstyles for men Spring Summer 2022 | Style “Fade” or Shadow


Among the trends of the moment, and from the “undercut” style, the “fade” or shadow style also emerges. A cut style that plays with gradients in the cut to make it more marked. In this way, we can find very interesting options like the ones we show you in this section. Options such as the model above with curly hair and a gradient on the sides and back as set by the latest trends.


This other fade style that you see above is also perfect for this new spring summer 2022 season. The type of shadow cut plays a lot with the textures and lengths of the hair, and perhaps it looks better with slightly longer hair, but if you like short hair we verify that it is entirely possible. In this sense, nothing then like choosing a cut similar to the one we show you. With bangs raised and three levels of shave, plus a fourth completely zero.

@Art Hair Studio

If you want a somewhat more classic “fade” or not so marked, you can also do as in this other very short haircut. The central part is kept very short and the sides, too, although with a slightly lighter gradient.

Cuts and hairstyles for men Spring Summer 2022 | Bangs Style

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The bangs have made a strong comeback for men’s haircuts and hairstyles for 2021 and although very dense bangs are not worn, you can choose hairstyles like the one we see above and that have a very current style, including for those men with curly hair.

Undercut style with bangs

On the other hand, as we have told you that the “undercut” is the style that really stands out for this Fall Winter 2019 season, you can also choose to wear it with good bangs as you can see above.

Long bangs

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In addition, the bangs for men’s short hair in spring summer 2022 are quite long. In this way, you can imitate a bit the Justin Bieber style of his beginnings although with less amount of hair.

Cuts and hairstyles for men Spring Summer 2022 | Classic style

I have already shown you an “undercut” hairstyle with a marked parting, but it should also be added that the classic style is back in fashion so that it is perhaps the best option when you are looking for a cut or hairstyle for different types of people. events you attend this season.

Classic cut with raised effect

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And next to that marked parting for a classic style, we can also choose to make our hair rise slightly in the front, don’t you love it?

You have already seen the best cuts and hairstyles for the current Autumn Spring Summer 2022 season, but it is also good that you know how to maintain your hair correctly so below we want to give you some tips.

Cuts and hairstyles for men Spring Summer 2022 | curly hair


After all, we do not want to forget about short haircuts for men with curly hair. One of the most popular are those who, as in previous models with straight hair, opt for a head with shaved sides and leaving the central part longer and, in short, full of curls.


For those curly-haired men who have thin or fine hair, the undercut we also saw above also makes its way with a side-shaved shave and long hair on top, even with short bangs that minimize broad forehead.

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Among the most interesting styles of cuts we also find the bet of cuts with soft curls combined with a lower shave or a more pronounced tone, also proposed for afro hair.


There is no lack of cuts with the most elegant lines, while those with drawings on the sides are ideal for those with a more extroverted character.

Cuts and hairstyles for men Spring Summer 2022 | Straight Hair


To everything shown, we want to add more ideas for a short haircut for men and specifically, if you have straight hair. In this sense: high ridges combed back, or looks with longer locks and center parts, the straight men’s short haircuts become more vivacious and eccentric this year. To get inspired, look at the images that we show you with that small crest and also the one that is a bit more “punk”.


On the other hand, you can also choose short haircuts that take advantage of the condition of straight hair to highlight or emphasize very short hair and thus be able to wear a style that is characterized by naturalness and freedom, above all in the choice of living volumes that represent the personality of the person who chooses them.

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For those who want a more classic look, bet on short haircuts, more regular straight or parted on the side to which you can add a “wet” look with wax or gel, to wear with a short and well-groomed beard.


Tips to maintain healthy and shiny hair

Having a good style and always looking handsome is not just a matter of the cut we choose, but even if we have short hair there is a great deal of care and advice that we must take into account. So that you know them well and know what you should do to always have healthy and shiny hair, we leave you with the following tips:

Suitable shampoo

The first thing we can recommend is that you should keep in mind that the shampoo you choose to wash your hair must be the appropriate one depending on the type of hair you have. It’s not just about taking care of long hair, short hair should also have its cures.

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That is why you should see if your hair is curly or straight, as well as if you have dandruff, if you wear highlights or dyes, etc. The shampoo you should choose to wash your hair will depend on all this.

Conditioner and mask

On the other hand, although the mask may not be as necessary for men with short hair, the conditioner still is. We must bear in mind that this not only allows us to work and comb our hair better, but also makes it well-cared for and has a natural shine.

Be careful with the chlorine in the pool

On the other hand, if you play sports and go to the pool, for example, you should keep in mind that chlorine will destroy your hair over time, so it is essential that you use a good conditioner every time you shower when you go out from the pool.

Don’t go overboard with dyes and highlights

Be careful because this point is very important. If you like to wear highlights or dyes, you should know that these also damage your hair a lot and, therefore, you should use appropriate shampoos for what you have done. Also, you can’t dye your highlights, so if you’re wearing highlights and after a while decide you want a dye, it’s best to talk to your stylist, he’ll probably get you a haircut first.

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Well-kept ends

Whether your hair grows very fast or not, you should keep in mind that the ends must be cleaned and, therefore, it is necessary that you visit your stylist at least every three months. In this way, you can be sure that your hair will grow healthy and strong.

Wash hair well

Finally, we want to emphasize the importance of washing your hair well, since most of us don’t do it as we should. The first thing to do is wash the hair with hot water, apply a little shampoo, massage and reapply hot water to massage again.

Afterwards, we must use warm water to clarify the hair, since hot water will make more foam instead of removing the shampoo. With the conditioner we must do the same and we must remove it using warm water to finish with all the residues.

After having seen these tips, we leave you with some photos so you can see the different styles and you can choose the one you like best according to your way of being and your features, if you want to know more about it, we have In addition, this other post that will surely be of interest to you:

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How to know the type of face you have?

Photogallery Haircuts and hairstyles for men Spring Summer 2022: Short hair

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