How to trim your beard with scissors, electric razor and blade | Fix the beard

How to cut the beard. In this article we are going to show you the best way to cut your beard: the difference between doing it with scissors, a razor, how to trim your beard… Shaving the beard is something that many men do every day, whether it’s shaving with an electric razor, or choosing a classic shave like using a razor, but what about when it comes to keeping that beard?

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At Modaellos we now give you all the steps to follow to be able to trim your beard and continue showing off it without it looking careless or perhaps too full. We will advise you on how to cut your beard with different tools and some tips that you can take into account to improve its finish.

How to trim your beard

If you want to have a well-groomed beard and, above all, one that does not look too long or bushy, you will need to use one of these tools: blades, clippers or scissors. With them you can trim it according to the length you want and thus you will get a beard that may look like you have it for about 3 or 4 days.

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It is also important that you know which area is better to leave with more facial hair and which ones you should empty, so that everything is balanced and your beard looks perfect.

We have a selection of the best razors on the market for you in this article.

How do you want to trim your beard

The truth is that cutting a beard or trimming it is no mystery once you know how much facial hair you want to wear, if you want a long “hipster” style beard – like the ones currently worn – or one that is something more short. Even a goatee type shaver.

Once you decide what type of beard you want, you will have to choose a different tool according to effectiveness for each case.

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Trim the beard with scissors

Scissors are the perfect tool when you want to have a long beard. They are easy to use and the ideal ones when you only have to give it a little review every two or three weeks to maintain it, while the blades will be better for you when you want to cut your beard more abruptly, so that it does not grow too much (and of course, shave it completely).

The men who want a beard of those that seems to only have several days, you are going to need to take more exhaustive care of it, although with a good electric shaving machine you can manage to trim the beard every week, eliminating only the hair that is on you and leaving the beard at the desired level.

Trim the beard with scissors

Shaving or trimming your beard with barber scissors, will be the method you should follow if you have one of those beards that you have let grow too long (and which are also a trend) or you want to be able to wear a full beard without many dangling hairs.

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There is nothing worse than having a long beard and noticing that it looks too messy because as much as you want to style it, if you do not trim it from time to time, there will come a time when it will have lost all the style it can have .

Wet the beard?

The first thing you should know is that you never shave when wet, since wet hair seems a little longer, so once it’s dry, you may realize that you’ve been trimming too much.

You can moisten a little so it doesn’t cost you as much (if you have very coarse facial hair) but it is better if it is completely dry.

Comb the beard

In addition to scissors, you need a comb to help you when trimming your beard.

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In this way, you can comb the beard and all those hairs that stand out from the comb will be the ones that you must cut carefully, always following the direction of the comb.

It is also necessary -and I would say even mandatory- that you should never cut your beard without following a direction, in fact, do not trim different areas at the same time. It is better that you choose to cut one side first and then even out the other.

When it comes to a very long beard, never think of trimming it horizontally, since you will surely end up with a completely crooked beard.

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First start combing the beard in the direction of the hair and then do it against the grain. From here, pass the comb through each piece of beard and see cutting the excess.

Once the first excess has been cut, comb the hair downwards in the direction of your hair. I would suggest a beard comb that is a bit thicker and won’t scratch you. Normal head combs usually have much finer teeth that do damage.

To cut, start from one side of the face, gently running the comb through the hair at a slightly angled angle, pinching the hairs that stick out from the teeth of the comb.

Trims the chin

For the chin area, where the beard tends to grow a lot, if you don’t want to see how it hangs, all you have to do is take all the excess hair below it with your hand and cut the top with scissors, carefully.

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You must go slowly and looking in the mirror that what you are cutting has a straight line.

Tips for cutting the beard with scissors

If you follow these steps, which are a summary of what has been explained, your long beard will be perfect:

  • Comb out. In this way you can get all their hairs to fit in one direction. Comb all the parts, including the mustache and the bottom part.
  • Trim the mustache correctly. To trim the mustache, the first thing you should do is comb all the hairs forward and then downward. Once you have the mustache all combed, you only have to trim what is left over, that is, everything that comes to touch the lip or even exceeds it. Do not forget that with the help of a good magnifying mirror you will be able to see well if you have any “hair” loose.
  • When the bottom is trimmed, it stretches the skin. Neck fur can sometimes ride up so when you trim with scissors (and even when shaving with a blade or razor) make sure you’re grazing on the actual surface of the fur.
  • Always use scissors. No matter how rushed you are, scissors are your best allies, compared to razors or electric razors. It is important that you use good solid scissors, and it will not hurt if you have specific scissors to only empty, which are essential for very long beards. These are pinking shears that with just a few strokes you will remove excess hair without having to trim anything.
  • Always finish with a beard oil or moisturizer. Many men groom their beards and go out without thinking that the hair on their facial hair should be just as hydrated as the hair on their head. If you apply specific creams or oils for the beard, it will look healthy, and you will also prevent it from drying out and, above all, from itching more than necessary.

It may sound silly but it is important to emphasize that long beards and those that are thicker require greater care if we want them to stay and look good.

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Dedicate yourself to your beard, for example, a couple of Sundays a month, for a few minutes, and you will see how everyone will congratulate you on how well-cared you have it.

Trim the beard with an electric machine

Perhaps the best (and fastest) method when it comes to trimming the beard is to do it with an electric machine. With this you can achieve the desired level of beard without having to worry for days, since they have different levels of shaving with which to achieve the desired beard length so that it is much easier to maintain it.

Many electric machines, currently sold on the market, include an option or maintenance blade.

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This option will be very good for you to be able to always show off your beard as if it only had the “three days” effect that women like so much and that is perhaps one of the beards that best suits men.

Beard trimmers

On the other hand, brands like Phillips also sell machines that have been created specifically for those men who always wear a beard and just want to trim it. You can see them here.

These machines include different levels (which can go from 1 to 9) depending on how long you want to look or when you want to shave.

All you have to do is select the level of beard you want to wear and that’s it! Go through the razor once every two weeks and you can forget about it once you get used to its maintenance.

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It is also recommended that when trimming your beard you know exactly how thick it will be depending on the number of cuts you choose. If you’re not sure how it’s going to turn out, the best thing to do (like when shaving your head), is to start with the larger numbers so you’ll have a larger amount left.

You can change the blade or size depending on whether you want it more or less long and once you have found your ideal length, it will be a matter of always shaving with the blade of the same number.

Wash and dry the beard

Before cutting the beard it should always be thoroughly washed and dried. A clean beard is easy to groom and the end result looks so much better.

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Once your beard has dried, comb it to make sure that all the hairs are well placed and those that have been folded or hidden do not come out. This process is especially important for people with long, full beards.

He begins to pass the razor

Once your beard is dry, you can start passing the razor over your face, as if you were shaving to remove it.

You will realize that the amount of hair is decreasing until it reaches a point that it no longer cuts and that you will be able to show off your beard as you wish. Without a doubt, it is the fastest and easiest option for the man who is used to wearing a beard and who does not want to give it up.

On the other hand, we advise you to wear shorter hair on the sides than on the chin area. It is generally best to keep a difference of 2 combs (or two levels) between the two zones.

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Finally, it doesn’t hurt to check if any “hair” has escaped you while you were cutting it and it has been longer than it should be. It has an easy solution, cut with scissors and that’s it.

And once you’re done trimming, comb the beard again to make sure there are no stray hairs and then shave again the area of ​​the cheek where you don’t want facial hair to appear.

How to shave the neck with a razor

In the neck area you must begin to decide how you want to wear it, without a beard or with hair. Be that as it may, it is important that this area is well trimmed, so you will need a lower level of the clipper than the rest of the beard.

You should also mark the area where you want the neck to end and the beard to begin.

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You have to be careful, because if you trim too close to the chin it can look like you have a double chin. But don’t worry, even if you cut too much, the hair grows in that area quite quickly, so you can fix the “problem” in a matter of days.

Beard Maintenance

With the help of a pair of scissors, you can help yourself remove that rebellious hair that refuses to leave your face. oh! Do not forget the importance of combing the beard daily even if it is not very long or sparse. Above all, run the comb through your mustache area.

As for hair-free areas, it’s important to keep the beardless areas of your face shaved daily for a more well-groomed appearance. Then trim any loose hairs around and style your beard once a week, or whenever you need to.

Trim the beard with a blade

Finally, we have to talk about the blade, also known as a razor, although it is not the best term. The blade is perfect for shaving the entire beard but not for maintaining a long beard.

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The blades shave too much and also, to use it correctly you will need foam or shaving cream, so you may be cutting more than necessary and not even realize it.

Use a razor blade

Anyway, it is also a fast method and you can even use it in any emergency situation.

Need a little beard trim before an urgent meeting? You can always take a razor, get into a sink, and trim the beard a bit, although you’ll have to be very careful not to shave one side more than the other.

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How to shave the goatee

The razor can work for you if you have a full beard and want to grow or grow a goatee. You can choose to shave everything that is outside the mouth or lower lip area, where this type of beard is located, and thus be able to achieve it much faster and without a trace of hair on the rest of the face.

You see that trimming your beard is not a “mission impossible” either and the best option of all is to maintain it with a certain periodicity so that you get used to the importance of its care if you want to look good with it.

In addition to trimming it, it is important (and I will not tire of repeating it) to keep your beard combed and, of course, very clean. In addition to the shower, it is always good that you wash your face with soap and water and with it your beard.

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