Difference Between Clippers And Trimmers

Hairstylists use two popular types of tools for the styling of men’s hairs. The first one is the clipper, and the other one is the trimmer. In this blog post, we would be discussing the difference between both and their uses. We would tell you how do hair trimmers work and also tell you how clippers work. 

What is a hair clipper? 

difference between clippers and trimmers

When men go to a salon for hair cutting or styling, the barber cuts their hair with a hair clipper. A hair clipper is an electrical device whose purpose is to cut down men’s hair. The hair clipper comes with a blade and motor in it and can cut various lengths of hair. It also consists of attachments and has edges of different sizes in it. To style your coat according to your preference, the hairdresser will choose a blade’s specific size. 

Hair clippers of various categories are available in the market, and your hairstylist can use any of them. But if you are searching for a hair clipper and planning to style your hair by yourself, you shouldn’t worry because you can find various hair trimmers on Amazon and other popular sites. 

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What is a hair trimmer? 

They are now coming to the trimmer. A hair trimmer is another tool that is popularly used for hairstyling. They are pretty similar to clippers, and just like clippers, they have blades and motors. So, what’s the difference between the two? You may now ask. 

The Hair trimmer blade is relatively thin compared to clippers, and hair trimmers are primarily used for cutting short hair. It is not used to cut a large amount of hair but basically to shape your hair. Most people also use it for beard trimming. So, if your question is, can I use a beard trimmer for hair? 

Yes, you can. You can use a hair trimmer for trimming your hair as well as beard.

The hair trimmer is user-friendly and would not harm your skin if you use it. 

Let’s now discuss the significant differences between each type of hair cutting tool. 

Clipper vs. trimmer 

As mentioned above, the size of the blade is a significant difference between both of them. When one has more substantial and thicker edges, the other has sharper and thinner blades. 

Another difference is that the clipper’s first tool is mainly used to cut long hair, while the other trimmer is primarily used for short hair cutting. 

Most hairdressers, while styling the hair of men, use both of these tools. They use clippers to cut down large portions of hair and trimmers to shape the hair. 

But if you have shorter hair, you will not need both of these tools. Instead, only one device will work wonders for you. 

Bottom line 

The purpose of both of these tools is highly different, and you can use any of them. If you want to shorten your hair, you can use hair clippers, and if you’re going to trim your hair, you can use a trimmer. It’s as simple as that. 

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