Goatee Styles and Types for 2023

In the world of men’s facial hair, goatees are often considered suitable for men with weak jaws or who have the faces round. However, regardless of your face shape, a goatee is a hairstyle or style of facial hair that doesn’t require as much work as a bushy beard, but still adds personality to your beard.

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The goatee has officially replaced the beard as the most striking facial hairstyle. While it’s no secret that goatees are on the rise, many actors and athletes still wear them, so they can’t be completely out of style, right?

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Goatee Styles and Types for 2023

Although many people have a hard time distinguishing them, there are countless ways to wear the goatee. Obviously, with barbershops in full swing, it seems logical to think that the styles and types of goatees for 2023 have their limits in the sky.

Despite having multiple options to choose from, the reality is that the styles and types of goatee for 2023 are very determined. Trendsetting goatees are a select few that are taking men of all ages by storm. And it is that the variety of styles and types of goatee for 2023 allows a groundbreaking goatee to look from an 18-year-old boy to an older man. We won’t get into that game because the goatee is for all ages (as long as they have a beard).

Thus, we show you the styles and types of goatee for 2023 so that you can choose the one that you think best suits you. And if you are not sure, you always have your barber to advise you, do tests and recommend the look that he deems appropriate.

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You can even keep changing the styles and types of goatee for 2023 throughout the year. Nobody says that you have to wear the same goatee throughout 2023. What’s more, it seems complicated that among the styles and types of goatee for 2023 that we are going to show you, there is only one that you like.

Goatee with beard

If David Beckham wears it, you know it’s a trend. The goatee with a beard is a must for styles and types of goatees for 2023. An elegant, different combination with a macarra point that will suit you wonderfully. The difference of the goatee with a beard, with respect to the beard alone, is that the goatee is more marked and differentiated from the rest of the beard. It can be slightly longer, stick out from the beard or, as is the case with Beckham, have a natural cut that just ends the moustache.

Photo: @david-beckham

When it comes to wearing a goatee with a beard, you can play with the length and width of the mustache. In fact, it is one of the styles and types of goatee for 2023 that is most popular, as you will see below. Ideally, neither beard nor goatee should be too long and trim them weekly with a trimmer. It doesn’t hurt to go to the barbershop every 15 days, so they can shape it.

Photo: @david-beckham

Another way to highlight the goatee with a beard is to let the chin area be more populated. With the goatee defined, the beard will also allow you certain flourishes that will sweep the styles and types of goatee by 2023.

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Photo: @jaimer-jaims

Goatee with long mustache

We must admit that Camilo has made the goatee with a long mustache fashionable. Claiming the figure of Salvador Dalí and his impossible mustache, the Colombian singer is the example of how to wear a mustache of yesteryear and remain modern. It is one of the styles and types of goatee for 2023, so get used to the idea that 2023 will be a year of mustaches, in case you want to grow yours.

Photo: @camilo

As you can see, despite the beard, the goatee is marked and is longer than the rest of the beard in the chin area. The mustache is what gives it a groundbreaking and current touch, turning a look from decades ago into one of the styles and types of goatees for 2023 that are going to be a trend.

Photo: @camilo

Pirate Knob

Talking about a pirate goatee is almost necessarily talking about Johnny Depp. His Jack Sparrow turned a loose, unclosed goatee into a trend that has endured for more than two decades. The best thing is that it is now one of the styles and types of goatee for 2023 that is going to be worn the most.

Photo: @johnny-depp

This goatee is ideal for those men without too much hair on their faces, who don’t close their goatee or who like to wear an informal look. And it is that this pirate goatee is associated with indie outfits.

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Photo: @jairo-roro

Goatee goat

Inspired by bikers and rockers, it is a very masculine-looking goatee whose attention is focused on the chin. Basically, the goatee can be grown from minimal to infinity and beyond. For example, Víctor Clavijo chooses to give it a Cervantes touch, in one of the most requested styles and types of goatee for 2023.

Photo: @victor-clavijo-actor

On the other hand, there are those who let the goatee grow to indeterminate levels. The biker looks and the spirit of Jax Teller are back, in one of the essential styles and types of goatee for 2023.

Photo: @wildfire-poetry

Knob Closed

The closed knob varies depending on how your hair grows in the area. However, as the goatee will be a trend in 2023, do not doubt that the closed option will be among the most used styles and types of goatee for 2023 of the year.

Photo: @malespain

For example, you have the option of shaving the rest of your face and letting your goatee grow naturally. The result is a classic goatee, suitable for all ages, although it will put a few years on you. You might be looking for that with your 2023 goatee styles and types.

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Photo: @carlos-sobera.

Carlos Sobera shows the opposite alternative, with which to take off a few years and look wonderfully gray among the styles and types of goatee for 2023. His secret is as simple as shaving the sides and leaving only the mustache and chin. It sharpens the face and is ideal for round or oval faces.

Photo: @jordi-sanchez-actor

Jordi Sánchez’s is a classic fish autonomous knob. Of course, pay attention to the detail of the mustache trimmed above. Important among goatee styles and types for 2023.

Photo: @orlandobloom

And finally, the Orlando Bloom goatee that you may like more or less but it has to be among the styles and types of goatee for 2023 because it is the goatee that Katy Perry has fallen in love with. For that alone, it already deserves to be a trend.

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