The best shaving gels and foams

The big question that many men ask themselves at some point in their lives: shaving gel or foam? The answer is another question: why not both? For you to try, today we bring you the best shaving gels and foams.

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The best shaving gels and foams

When choosing, it is best to try. We are not telling you to try the entire list of the best shaving gels and foams, but we are telling you to change and see which one best suits your skin, your beard, and your face. In the end, it is a matter of trying until you find the final one. These are the best shaving gels and foams.

Samurai Magic Shave by Rituals

The catalog of Samurai products for Rituals has a quality well above average. Obviously, their shave gel is among the best shave gels and foams on the market. We would even dare to say that it is in the top 3. Among other things, because of its originality. It’s not a gel, it’s not a foam either, but a kind of cream, similar to the Nivea in the blue box.

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Rituals Samurai Magic Shave shaving gel contains Japanese basil and ginseng that promote an impeccable shave. This product leaves the skin so hydrated that you can do without after shave. And yes, its price is around 20 euros, but whoever tries it repeats.

American Crew Precision Shave Gel

When a product is used in numerous barbershops to shave their clients, it must be for a reason. American Crew Precision Shave Gel is a regular at barbershops and hair salons. The reason is the professional finish it provides and that has made it one of the best shaving gels and foams

The only problem is that it is not possible to buy it in stores or department stores. To get American Crew Precision Shave Gel we have to order it online or directly at our hairdresser or barbershop. Its price is around 8 euros.

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Gillette Fusion Sensitive

Gillette could not be missing in a sector where it has been the reference for decades. In this case, their Gillette Fusion Sensitive Shave Gel is the perfect complement to their famous Mach3 blade. It is one of the best shaving gels and foams because it combines shaving gel with moisturizer, which shows by leaving your face much smoother after shaving.

The price of Gillette Fusion Sensitive is around 5 euros. However, and despite the fact that it leaves the face very hydrated, it is advisable that you complement it with an after shave.

Nivea Sensitive Cooling

Nivea Sensitive Cooling is one of the brand’s most popular gels and one of the best sellers on the market. As well as one of the best shaving gels and foams. Among its properties, is that of making the razor better. Its application provides a perfect finish and leaves the face smooth and without redness.

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One of the most striking features of Nivea Sensitive Cooling is the fact that it is thicker than other shaving gels. This promotes blade glide and smoothes the shave. On the other hand, it provides a pleasant sensation of freshness, its smell is intense without being annoying and it does not contain alcohol, so it does not irritate the skin. The price of Nivea Sensitive Cooling is around 4 euros.

Edge Sensitive Skin with Aloe

The last of the shaving gels that we bring you is especially for men with sensitive skin. If your face irritates easily, this shaving gel is the answer to your ordeal. And it is that, in addition to not irritating, it reduces the small cuts that we sometimes make. All without neglecting the closeness of the shave.

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In addition, the Edge Sensitive Skin shaving gel with Aloe leaves the skin very hydrated and soft to the touch, thanks to its contribution of aloe vera. Although the best of all is its price, because for only 2.5 euros you will have shaving gel for a long time, since each bottle lasts weeks and weeks. Sneaks into the best shaving gels and foams on its own merits

Nivea Protects & Protective Care

Now time for shaving foams and we start with Nivea Protect & Protective Care. One of the best shaving gels and foams that not only protects against cuts, but leaves the skin quite hydrated.

Contains Aloe Vera, vitamins and moisturizing active ingredients. In addition, it creates a protective barrier on the skin that prevents redness and irritation. Its price is around 2.5 euros.

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L’Oreal Paris Men Expert

And from one recognized firm to another such as L’Oreal Paris Men Expert. Their shaving foam for sensitive skin is among the best shaving gels and foams. Its formula is alcohol-free and favors protection against cuts.

Its hypoallergenic properties are combined with minerals and vitamins that help protect the skin from external agents. In addition, it does not leave a greasy feeling when removing it. The price of this shaving foam is around 4 euros.

La Toja with Mineral Salts

Another of the best shaving gels and foams is La Toja shaving foam with Mineral Salts. Its high-quality formula contains Aloe Vera and mineral salts, so it is recommended for sensitive skin.

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Its texture is one of the softest and silkiest on the market and its La Toja smell is more than recognizable. In addition, it is enriched with moisturizing elements, which prevent subsequent redness. To top it off, it comes in a 300ml bottle that can last for months. Despite the size, its price is around 2 euros.

Gillette Mach3

We finish our review of the best shaving gels and foams with possibly the best shaving foam on the market: Gillette Mach3. It protects the skin from cuts, hydrates the entire face and its price is well below its direct competition: 2.5 euros.

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Gillette Mach3 comes with a formula called Triple Irritation Defense. In this formula, it has a soothing active ingredient that helps soften hair, making it easier to remove.

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