How to have a hipster beard step by step

If you like to wear a hipster-style beard or you feel great because of your features or features, pay close attention . On many occasions, a good beard helps us to modify a face. If we have a round face, the beard will allow us to play with visual effects, managing to visually lengthen our face. But, how to have a hipster beard step by step? In this space we are going to tell you how, you will see how simple.

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What is a hipster beard

You can not only talk about a Hipster beard, being a hipster is a whole philosophy of life, it is a mixture of hippie and punk, they are people who like to live life as if there were no tomorrow, they are independent and these It also influences your taste in fashion.

It is rebellion and in men it is characterized by that style of beard, a beard that although it seems unkempt is not. The hipster image becomes that of a tough, strong man who knows what he wants. It serves as a curiosity to know that the traditional barbershops were doomed to disappear, since hipster fashion has become such a demanded fashion, barbershops have returned to being a space for football, film or political conversation.

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Faced with the trend of the last decades, where the man who liked to take care of himself, did it and showed it. Those perfectly shaved, hydrated faces, what was known as metrosexual men. Men concerned about their perfect aesthetics. Today what is worn is just the opposite, although that does not mean that the hipster man does not take care of himself.

A hipster beard responds to a man who likes to wear a more masculine image, letting the beard sprout, how it is trimmed or how it is treated, will give rise to different alternatives. which we will see next.

Gentleman Beard

The hipster beard is constantly reinventing itself, new styles are added to the Hipster aesthetic, like the one we are dealing with right now, the Gentleman beard. It is more of a beard based on the British aesthetic of the Victorian era.

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They are beards that provide distinction and elegance since their careful and outlined aesthetics provide a careful and refined appearance. It is a type of beard that stands out for its homogeneity, since the beard, mustache and goatee are in perfect conjunction.

The ideal finish for this type of beard is to apply wax, this will provide more structure and allow us to control each and every one of its hairs. The aesthetic is that of a beard with natural growth.

Bohemian Gipsy Beard

In the style of Bohmian Gipsy Beard, we could say that it is the beard of the old sea dogs, a natural beard whose length has no limits. Due to its appearance, it seems less cared for than the previous modality. However, these beards must be cared for and hydrated with special oils.

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This type of beard is worn with a medium length, too long can give a careless appearance. The Bohemian Gipsy beard must be full, although the line of both the neck and the cheeks must be well defined.

It is about pretending disorder without it existing, it really is a well-structured beard, where all of it has followed a proportional pattern. If we have opted for this style of beards, we must be careful since it is a style that can quickly go from a bohemian beard to a shipwrecked beard, where there is no structure and each hair of the beard has followed a natural evolution, not cared for as in the Bohemian Gipsy.

How to choose the type of hipster beard

In many cases it will depend on the cut of your face, as we have commented before, if your face is rather round, a type of beard that visually shortens the shape of your face will suit you. If your face is long, we will have to resort to a style that visually shortens our face.

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Now it is the turn of the types of hipster beards, we will show you the styles, you will be the one who chooses the type of beard that best suits you, especially since some of the styles require well-grown beards, something that not all men have.

If we have a thick beard, you won’t have any problem when it comes to growing a hipster-type beard, since you can let it grow as you like. If, on the contrary, your beard is not very thick, a very simple trick is to leave the sideburns longer.

We shouldn’t be obsessed with this either, we can always play with the lengths to hide small imperfections in terms of facial hair growth. The beard must be a complement and therefore, we must adapt to what suits us best to the detriment of fashion.

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Among the Hipster beard styles, in addition to those described above, we also have:

Urban Style Hispter Beard

They are the most cosmopolitan beards, a beard where nothing is left to chance, it is a careful and outlined beard. The mustache looks perfectly trimmed to the lip except on the sides that will be much longer. These sides can be twisted or the ends can be raised upwards with the help of wax.

Hispter Country Style Beard

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This type of beard requires less care than other hipster beards. We simply have to periodically fix the mustache. This beard decreases as it approaches the area of ​​the sideburns so that the transition between beard, sideburns and hair is perfect. It is usually evened out so it is not recommended for men with round or wide faces.

Hipster beard care

When we decide to grow a hipster beard, we must bear in mind that it is a slow process, it is not only about growing it, but also about doing it in an orderly way. We are going to learn what care our hipster beard needs to look splendid.

Let the beard grow

It is not nonsense, but as we have already said, the process is long and we may lose our patience, so it is important to allow several weeks to pass so that it acquires greater length and thickness. After three months we can already say that the beard is formed, now it is the turn of the aesthetics, they begin to trim and shape it.

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What to do with itching

In the process of growing the beard, that is to say the three months that it usually takes to consolidate, it is usually the most annoying period, where the itching seems to have no end. The itching will appear in the first month, when the hair is still very short and cannot be combed. To end itching, apply special oil for beards, which in addition to calming the itching, will hydrate the skin of the face.

Trim the beard

After three months and as we have already mentioned, we will begin to shape it by cutting it. Every week or every two weeks depending on the beard and the style we want to give it. We will shape it little by little as our beard grows and loses its shape.

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When you want to trim the beard, always do it with it dry, never moisten or wet it, since when wet hair dries it tends to reduce its size, while if you do it while the beard is dry, you will always have real control of the length, if startled.

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