On what occasions can you wear cufflinks

For a situation with great formality, such as weddings, anniversaries, tributes, but without being etiquette. For these occasions, the style should be suitable to wear with a dark suit, preferably navy blue or black, and try to keep it smooth.

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In this post we will show you when you can wear the cufflinks, but we anticipate that preferably on formal occasions. Read on to learn more about the styles that work best for twins.

When to wear cufflinks

As we have told you before, the occasions to wear cufflinks are formal ones. Wear a dark colored suit, preferably dark blue or even black. Your shirt must be for a suit and to give it greater elegance it must have a French grip, that is, cufflinks can be used. The tie is mandatory, however we recommend the bow tie better. The use of formal lace-up shoes is also very important. Enter here to know the tips for good men’s clothing.

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What type of cufflinks do we recommend from Moda Ellos

The firm SOLOiO presents its artisan tradition cufflinks in the purest “saddler” style.

This firm knows how to differentiate itself from the rest of its competitors by offering us very different products. So if you are a lover of these little jewels of masculine clothing, you will love these. With a contemporary design with a more traditional artisan tradition.

The most original twins

For the moments in which we have to decide what to wear to see grandma or your parents, today we will allow ourselves the luxury of finishing off the post with much more fun and less serious cufflinks, but with the same class as the previous ones.

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Pedro del Hierro stands out for making fun moments a reality in his cufflinks, here we present an example with a rock touch.

El Ganso is not far behind and launches the cufflinks in the form of a model of his sneakers. Something fun that you can use in slightly less formal meetings. An original way to add a casual touch to our suit and shirt.

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Do you use cufflinks when putting on a suit? Can you think of any model that might be interesting?

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