How Do You Shave Your Beard Like A Man


Beards have become the go-to look for men in recent years. But to look your best, you need to know the right way to shave. Here’s how to shave your beard like a man and get the perfect look.

1. Prepare Your Skin

Before you even think about taking a razor to your face, you need to prepare your skin. Start by washing your face with warm water, then apply a pre-shave oil or gel to help soften the hairs. This will also help protect your skin from irritation and razor burn.

2. Choose The Right Razor

The type of razor you use is essential for a good shave. If you have a long beard, you’ll want to opt for a safety razor or straight razor, as they have a sharper blade and will give you a closer shave. If you have a shorter beard, you can use a cartridge razor.

3. Shave With The Grain

Now it’s time to start shaving. Make sure to shave in the direction of your beard growth, also known as “with the grain”. This will help reduce irritation and razor burn. If you go against the grain, you could end up with an uneven shave and uncomfortable skin.

4. Use Short, Light Strokes

When you begin shaving, use short, light strokes rather than long, heavy strokes. This will help ensure that you don’t miss any hairs and that you get an even shave.

5. Rinse Your Razor Often

Your razor can quickly become clogged with hair, so make sure to rinse it off often. This will help keep it sharp and prevent it from becoming dull.

6. Reapply Shaving Cream

If you find that your razor is becoming dull or is starting to tug at the hairs, you may need to reapply shaving cream. This will help lubricate the blade and make it easier to shave.

7. Rinse and Moisturize

Once you’re done shaving, rinse your face with cold water to close the pores. Then apply an aftershave balm or moisturizer to hydrate and soothe the skin.


• Prepare your skin before shaving to reduce irritation and razor burn.

• Choose the right razor for your beard length.

• Shave with the grain to get an even shave.

• Use short, light strokes to prevent missed hairs.

• Rinse your razor often to keep it sharp.

• Reapply shaving cream if you’re finding it difficult to shave.

• Rinse and moisturize your skin after shaving.


Shaving your beard like a man isn’t as hard as it may seem. With the right razor and a few simple steps, you can get a perfect shave every time. Just remember to prepare your skin, shave with the grain, and keep your razor clean and sharp. Lastly, don’t forget to rinse and moisturize your face after shaving.

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