How To Dress Like Conor Mcgregor


Number seven in the UFC lightweight rankings as of July 12, 2021, Conor Anthony McGregor is a mixed martial fighter, boxer, and entrepreneur from Ireland. He is a former featherweight and lightweight champion in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). 


Thanks to his Irish origins, many men turn to him for fashion ideas and guidance. Weaved tweed, check patterns, handkerchieves, and flat hats are some of his favorite Irish looks. McGregor may dress up regularly, but he also enjoys keeping things casual on occasion, just like the rest of us, frequently wearing a plain but fashionable T-shirt. Because of his slender and robust build, Conor likes narrow-cut clothes that highlight his figure. 


His high-end clothes cost no less than $5,000 each. And a typical suit-shopping session for Conor McGregor can cost anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000. It can reach $100,000 at times.


Conor wears these five things regularly.

1. T-Shirts or Sweatshirts with a Good Fit:

He wears tight-fitted sweatshirts and t-shirts with a more simple plain one-colored turtleneck. Most of his outfits include v-neck tees in more neutral tones of grey, navy.

2. Jeans with a Good Fit:

He wears slim-fit jeans because he works out more for his lower body. His style statement includes this in more solid colors.

3. Sneakers with a Minimalist Look:

Conor doesn’t only wear fancy shoes – he loves his Gucci and Louis Vuitton – he also wears some cool reeboks if they’re minimal and straightforward.

4. Accessories:

His outfit is completed by a watch, a few essential necklaces, and even tattoos. Conor has a collection of high-end glasses, including the Dita Mach-One. The majority of them have brown gradient lenses and black and gold frames.

5. Beard and Hair Trim:

Conor’s incredibly sleek hairstyle and beard combination is a big part of what makes him stand out. His hair is red. He’s changed his hairstyle a few times, but his hallmark appearance is still an undercut with a short, side-parted crop on top.


He is more well-known for his outlandish and experimental appearances. The following items are included among his notable appearances:


He favors basic three-piece suits with a waistcoat regularly. He mainly enjoys grey and blues as colors, but he’s not hesitant to wear prints like outstanding checks or bold stripes.


McGregor is known for wearing a variety of dazzling coats. A white fur coat, in any instance, is one of his most recognizable outfits. He also favors more understated styles like fur-lined parkas, shearling jackets, and traditional pea coats.


• Embrace clever tailoring with two- and three-piece suits that are well-fitted.

• Experiment with different colors and prints.

• Invest in fundamentals to soften the impact of more significant pieces.

• Don’t forget about nice shoes, ties, pocket squares, sunglasses, and other accessories.

• Maintain a professional yet rugged appearance by keeping your hair and facial hair clipped and styled.