Can You Wear a Suit Jacket With Jeans

Most fashion bloggers and experts claim that we should never pair a suit jacket with jeans. It looks odd. But let me tell you a secret. You can pair any jacket with your jeans, and it would not look boring only if you have adequately done the pairing. But how can you do the proper pairing of jeans and the jacket? How can you wear a suit jacket with jeans? 

It is simple, and wearing a suit jacket with jeans can even make you look good. 

Variety of Jackets

Many people think that if they want to wear a suit jacket with jeans, they need to put on their old black blazer and they are ready. Trust me, guys; this is not how it is. It would help if you had many suit jackets so that you can pair them with your jeans. 

If you want to look good by wearing a suit jacket and jeans, you should buy different suit jackets. Jackets of different designs and color combinations. It would help if you had another coat in your wardrobe as well. Having the choice to choose will allow you to form the best pair. 

Size of the jacket

Size plays a crucial role in making the best pair or combination. While buying the suit for yourself, ask yourself whether this dress suits me or not. Ask yourself whether its size is okay, and it is a perfect fit for you or not. Your jacket should not appear loose or baggy. 

Style of the jacket 

suit jacket and jeans

There are different types of jackets available, but you will have to buy the one to suit your body. You can try wearing them once before buying to give you a decent idea about what you should wear and how you can pair that. 

Wear the right type of jeans 

This one is the most important. No matter how beautiful or stylish suit you choose, if you don’t wear the right type of jeans, you will not look smart.

While buying the perfect suit jacket for yourself, you should also make sure that the kind of jeans you will pair with your suit looks good. You need first to find your body type and buy accordingly. 

Colour combination 

Colour also plays a vital role in forming the best pair. You can’t wear a black suit with blue jeans. It will not give a pleasant vibe. But if you wear a white blazer or a white suit jacket along with blue jeans, it would look apt. 

So, when purchasing your jeans and suit jacket, you should keep in mind the types of color you prefer and which color would go with which jeans. 

Conclusion: If you wear a black suit jacket with jeans, it will not look odd as long as you make the right pair. And you have already read the tips to make the right pair. While buying the jacket and jeans, make sure to utilize those tips. 


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