What Colour Goes With Brown Shoes?

What Colour Goes With Brown Shoes? The question asked by many!

No matter how well you dress, matching your shoes with the outfit is crucial. If not, all your efforts will go in vain. That’s when our brown shoes will come to our rescue. Elegant and casual brown shoes are must-haves in every guy’s wardrobe. But, you might be confused about what colours go well with your usual brown shoes. This article aims to help you out in matching your right pair of shirts and suits with brown shoes. 

The beauty of good old brown shoes is that you can pair it up with formal pants and as well as with shorts for a play date. Either way, it will elevate your look and make you look effortlessly sharp. 

So, before you further on, pick the look based on the occasion. To help you out, I have listed how to pair brown shoes for both formal and casual looks. 

what color goes with brown shoes

What to wear with brown shoes to create a formal look? 

It can be an interview or your startup pitch. It can even be the day you ask your girl out to marry you. Be it any momentous occasion; brown shoes are your buddies. You can pick any one of the below looks and rock your day with solid confidence. 

Brown shoes with Beige pants and a crisply ironed full-hand shirt 

Beige might be a lighter shade of brown. But, both beige and brown seamlessly go well together. Pick your beige pants, be it beige jeans or beige chinos, any basic pants would go well with tan-brown shoes. Wear a crispy ironed solid coloured shirt or a shirt with minimal patterns to complement the shirt. Complete the look with a posh belt darker than the shades of pant and belt. That’s all it takes to look best in your essential formal and brown shoes. 

what to wear with brown casual shoes
  1. Black and Blue suit with Brown shoes and a big smile 

“Suit up because your personality is not what people see first.” Suits and Blazers always add glitz to your look and make you look sharp. If you have any black or brown suit, wait no more on a regular day to pair it up with your brown shoes to steal everyone’s attention on that day. The suit makes you feel more confident. So, if it’s an important meeting and you are worried about what clothes to wear, pair any formal shirt with a navy blue or black blazer with a matching colour blocking tie and pair it up with tan-brown shoes.

what color shirt goes with brown shoes

3. Checked shirt with brown shoes and blue denim 

Denim, when paired with a great shirt and an excellent pointed brown shoe, will make you look more presentable on a typical day. It can be a boring Wednesday, and you can still look good by picking a checked shirt. Usually, any colour with black gradient checked shirt would go well with dark and ice blue denim. You can even prefer to wear joggers in some cases when you are going to a mall with your family, but if you still want to look less casual. So, if you are looking for a casual yet formal look with brown shoes, you can undoubtedly go for denim. 

what color suit goes with brown shoes

If you like wearing colourful combinations, you can also go ahead with pink or blue coloured checked shirts and  

4. The Wedding formals

You are what you wear, and you can never go wrong in picking the right outfit for wedding seasons. So here are two options you can blindly go with during wedding seasons. 

  1. Beige/Blue Formal pants with a full-sleeved white shirt 

If it’s a wedding season and you are getting dressed up and are in a mood to look your best, pick your plain white shirt, iron it and pair it with formal beige or blue pants. Complete the look with brown oxfords.

what color shirt goes with beige pants and brown shoe
  1.  Charcoal grey suit with brown shoes

If you have a Charcoal grey or any suit in the shades of grey, pick it up, wear it and charm the wedding. You can also mix and match it up a bit – white shirt, medium/warm-toned pants and a fitting blazer with your brown shoes. Trust me; this outlook will give you a share of the limelight. 

what pant color goes well with dark brown shoes

 5. Dark toned pants with brown shoes

According to the Bespoke Unit, your dark brown shoes go amazingly well with navy, dark grey, olive, tan and jeans. As I have already mentioned earlier how well the brown shoes go with navy, dark grey and denim, let’s dive deeper into how to wear dark brown shoes with tan and olive. 

Olive pants resemble the shades of earth, and it’s an easy decision that they go well with dark brown shoes. This combination can elevate and make you look more professional. 

what color goes with brown shoes

Tan is darker than beige and lighter than brown. It somewhere lies in the family shades of brown. Pick a tan brown pant and match it with your dark brown shoes. It creates a subtle contrast while still giving you a minimalistic monochrome look. 

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What to wear with brown shoes to create a casual look? 

You can be as casual as you can be yet pull off a sophisticated look if you have good brown shoes. Be it shopping or going to play pool, and you can pick one of the five looks below: 

Brown shoes with denim and T-shirt

what to wear with brown casual shoes

If you have brown boots sleeping in the corner of your shoe racks and if you are wondering how to pair it up, this is the basic look you must try. Though denim and plain white t-shirt go very well with Chelsea Brown boots, you can also match them with work boots. 

what color shirt goes with brown shoes

Black or brown t-shirt goes equally well with denim and brown shoes like a white t-shirt. If you like patterns, you can also try wearing t-shirts with simple designs like horizontal or vertical stripes and go with the same combination. If you want to look more fit, try opting for smaller patterns and vertical lines over horizontal stripes as they make your body look wider. 

Basic t-shirts are highly affordable, and hence you can buy a bunch of them in different colours and try different looks with the same shoes.

  1. Brown shoes with shorts

Though flip-flops or crocs might usually go well with shorts, you can’t deny the fact that pairing sleek shorts with casual brown shoes would make you look more crisp and presentable. Who would want to wear long uncomfortable pants on a summer vacation? 

what color suit goes with brown shoes

Loafers are a must-have, and if you already have a brown loafer, this look is exactly what you need on an informal yet formal Sunny day. Though not everybody would want to take a risk to pair chino shorts with blazers, you can try pairing up mint green or beige shirts with tan shorts and brown loafers. Put on your coolers and steal the day!

  1. Unstructured Blazers with Brown shoes 

Are you still not sure what to wear with brown colour shoes and you are looking for options to buy? Go for the unstructured blazers. Unstructured blazers are blazers with no-padding, and hence they look like a fusion of hoodie and coat. They are incredibly comfortable to wear. You can pair them with formal pants and a sleep shirt or with a classic t-shirt to suit the situation. It suits all body types and tones. So, if you already have brown shoes and just want to try a fresh look with them, unstructured blazers are the ones you must go far! 

  1. Anything white

White pants, shorts, jeans, joggers – anything white will go well with brown shoes. For instance, you can pair your checked shirt or a breezy t-shirt with white chinos or slim fits and add on brown shoes to just rock a cool casual look on a typical day. 

You can also consider pairing up your brown shoes with white shorts for a restaurant date by the beach. The waves of the beach and the sand’s colour would perfectly suit your outfit, and you would be resonating with nature. 

4. Brown Shoes with Hoodies 

Though you might be thinking that brown shoes are for anything formal, you can also match it with really cool monochrome hoodies. Hoodies are comforting that we crave for in winters. More often than not, we end up thinking we can never wear shoes with hoodies. But, you can pair these hoodie however you wish. 

what color shirt goes with beige pants and brown shoe

Below are a few options that you can consider when it comes to pairing up your brown shoes with hoodies: 

  1. Grey hoodies with minimal contrasting bottoms and brown shoes 
  2. Zipped monochrome hoodies with shorts and brown loafers or casual brown shoes 
  3.  Beige/tan hoodies with white bottoms and brown shoes. Colour coordinate your hoodie and the shoe. 

The simple rule when it comes to men’s clothing is making sure your pieces contrast yet they strike together as an outfit. It’s important to know what colour goes with brown shoes.

Tips on how to wear brown colour shoes with your outfit 

  1. Focus on the Belt
what pant color goes well with dark brown shoes

Belts are more than an accessory that holds your pants in place. It ascents and elevates your entire outfit. When you shell some money to buy suitable shoes and fail to get a good belt that goes well with your shoes, you are making a grave mistake. So, make sure you buy a belt in the shade of brown to go well with your shoes. A few tips on how to pair up brown belts with brown shoes: 

  1. Play around with the textures. A braided brown leather belt would go well with suede shoes. Just make sure the colours match. 
  2. If you are confused about the shades, blindly go for the same shades. You can pair oxblood brown shoes with oxblood. The same colour shoe-belt combination can never go wrong. 
  3. Mix and match with any shade of brown. A dark brown shoe and a tan belt might sound like an odd combination, but you will just not stop loving it when you try. 

2Same Shade – Pants and Shoes – a Big No-No 

Never make this fashion blunder while dressing up. Wearing the same shade pants and shoes is a colossal blunder. You might ask why? It’s because it might look like your pants grew out and you are wearing the extra bits as shoes. So always make sure that you strike a contrast. 

what color goes with brown shoes

Well, how does the above combination look? Looks better, right? CONTRAST is the key. Always remember that whenever you are dressing up. 

That’s it, folks. You have got all the tricks to rock your looks with brown shoes. I hope this article cleared all your chaos and you are now clear what clear you want to wear brown shoes. Brown shoes are man’s best friends in uplifting the outfit. Even if you don’t have one, you can consider buying one. 

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