The hair perm for men: what it is, advantages and aspects that you should take into account

Talking about perms, in most cases, is talking about women and the 80s. The reality is that currently, this risky look has also made the leap to men’s hair. In fact, it is a trend that is increasing. If you don’t know exactly what we’re talking about, we’ll tell you everything about hair perms for men: what it is, advantages and aspects that you should take into account

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Hair perm for men: what is it

First of all, you need to know what hair perm is for men. It is a chemical treatment whose objective is to alter the structure of your hair to make it curly.

To achieve this effect, the keratin of the hair has to be broken, which is achieved by combining ammonium thioglycate with hydrogen peroxide. Obviously, when applying chemicals to an area as delicate as the scalp, we take certain risks.

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On the other hand, hair perm will give us more voluminous hair, a surprising eighties look and hair with movement and its own personality. Even those who are looking for a modern and current perm can combine it with an undercut, which also allows the perm to be mixed with shorter hairs.

Now that we know what it is and the chemicals it contains, it is convenient to know how to do a perm step by step.

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  • Molds – The first thing is to place the curlers in your hair, measuring the length of the curl that you are going to wear.
  • Chemical product – The next step is to break the structure of your hair, which will be weakened with the application of ammonium thioglycate so that it breaks with the molds placed before.
  • Oxygenated water – The last step consists of applying the hydrogen peroxide to the already weakened hair so that it stays with the shape of the curlers permanently.

Hair perm for men: advantages

Before embarking on such an aggressive treatment, it is convenient to be clear about the positive and negative points of this process. Of course, we will start with the advantages of hair perms for men, which are not few.

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  • Quick and easy hairstyle – With the permanent you will save time because the curl is formed and you do not need to comb it to place it. They can go days without combing it and it will stay in place.
  • Long-lasting look – Depending on the quality of the product and the skill of the hairdresser, a perm for men can last between 2 and 6 months.
  • Funny and eye-catching – One of the advantages of wearing a perm is that everyone will want to touch it. You decide who you give permission to do it.

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  • Always ready – No matter what circumstances you are in, your hair will always be perfect
  • Against wind and tide – Air, rain or humidity will no longer be a problem for your hairstyle. Your hair will remain oblivious to the weather.
  • Different – ​​I’m sure you’ve never worn a perm before, and at least you’ve taken a risk by doing so.

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These are the beneficial points of this treatment. Now, you should also keep in mind the downsides of men’s hair perms, especially if you’re not too convinced.

  • Hard treatment for hair – The permanent treatment involves applying two highly abrasive chemical products that usually leave sequelae, since the structure of the hair is broken, leaving it touched, drier and less hydrated than before.
  • Implicit risks – It is a very complicated treatment that, despite the experience of the hairdresser, can go wrong. And if it does, you may have to cut more than you originally wanted. And it is that, if you do not like the result, the solution is to shave your head or put up with it until the effect wears off.

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  • Maintenance – The fact of not combing your hair does not imply that you do not take care of it. In fact, you will have to use specific products to keep it hydrated
  • Investment – ​​Obviously, maintaining a perm requires a larger investment than usual: special shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer…
  • Dangerous Trend – The perm is back with such force that it can end up saturating. From being a special and different look, it could become the hairstyle that everyone wears and lose its magic.

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  • Radical change – Going from straight to curly hair is complicated and many people can’t stand the radical change in look and end up shaving their heads. Think about it well before taking the step. Give yourself two or three days to get used to your new look.

Hair permanent for men: aspects that you should take into account

To finish, we review the aspects that you should take into account when doing a hair perm for men.

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  • Price – A permanent, depending on where you do it, can range between 2 and 6 months. Everything will depend on the care you give to your hair and the quality of the product that they apply to you and how they apply it to you. In some cases, the perm doesn’t go away until you get a haircut.
  • Time at the hairdresser – If you are going to get a perm, don’t rush and calculate that you will spend at least two hours making this radical change of look
  • Without washing for two days – In order for the perm product to be well fixed to the hair, you must wait 48 hours to wash it again after the perm.

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  • State of your hair – Before exposing your hair to abrasive chemical products, you should assess its condition. For example, if you have it weak and dry, it is not recommended because it will destroy it. The same happens if you have it dyed, because you would apply two chemicals in a short time. Don’t have a problem ruling out doing a perm if it’s going to cost your hair the health of your hair.
  • Hair Length – Although a perm can be combined with an undercut, the top requires a minimum length to be permed. The ideal is that the hair reaches 15 cm if you do not want the result to be more afro than permanent.
  • When the hair grows – After the first few weeks, the hair will continue to grow normally. The problem is that the old hair will have a perm and the new hair will be straight or wavy, so you will have to determine what you do, although the most common option is to shave your head.

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  • Controlled budget – The permanent will require a significant investment, not only in the treatment, but in the care with specific products. You must take this into account when taking the step.
  • Go to a professional – Although it is more expensive, it is best to go to a professional hairdresser. Even from that one, it is recommended that you ask him for references and, if he has one, that he show you examples of perms he has done.

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