Can You Wear A Grey Suit To A Funeral?

Good Morning, but is it really a ‘GOOD’ morning? It may, it may not! 

Imagine getting up from bed, you check your messages, and your heart skips a beat or two. Uncle Benjamin expired last night! 

Oh, you loved him; indeed, you did. But now it’s time to attend the funeral in his honor. When you love someone dearly, and it’s time to see them getting locked in a fancy little box is really difficult. No matter what their age is, it hurts badly. You would probably prefer not to attend, but it can’t be missed. 

So now, there’s another issue that has to be dealt with. What should you wear to the funeral? It can’t be a very bright and colorful suit or attire because it’s a mourning ceremony. Whatever you wear needs to be simple and sober. 

So, your go-to choice will be your everyday grey suit with a tie. Now your question is, can you wear a grey suit to a funeral? Do you have to wear a tie to a funeral?

Funeral etiquette is a very vital and integral part of deciding your dress code. In countries such as the USA, UK, or Canada, people generally prefer to wear very formal attire unless the family of the deceased wishes something else.

The etiquette and dress code for all the Western countries have been changing throughout the years. Earlier, when someone close used to die, people wore black attire for a year and then grey for half a year as a mark of ‘half-mourning.

So now you know that grey has always been a preferred color to wear at funerals. Therefore, the answer to the question “can you wear a grey suit to a funeral” will be a BIG YES!

Most certainly, you can. A suit and tie aren’t just meant to be worn on formal occasions or as a mark of sophistication. It can also be worn to a funeral if and only if you choose a suitable color. What better color can you choose than grey, which has been selected as a mourning color for ages now.

can you wear a grey suit to a funeral

Now, there’s one thing I would like to tell you. However, a grey suit with a tie is good to go for a mourning ceremony. A dark color is always, I repeat, constantly a better option. Dark shades such as charcoal or dark navy would be the best choice. 

If you don’t have those shades, you can put on that grey suit of yours without a second thought. Don’t forget your tie, of course. Make sure your suit is perfectly fitting, and all the repairs are done. 

Remember, a funeral is an occasion to show respect to the deceased person. Therefore, you cannot just get up, put on anything and go. That won’t be seen as a mark of respect. Put in some effort, get neatly dressed, and you are all set to go!