Justin Bieber and his style for Believe

“Believe” is Justin Bieber’s new album that, although it will be released on June 19, not only It causes headlines regarding the songs that are included, but rather that the young man is no longer a child with bangs and perhaps for this reason for this new album of “maturity” he has chosen to radically change his hairstyle and style or “look”.

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Gone is the Justin Bieber with backwards hat, sagging pants and sweatshirts and now we find an 18-year-old who seems to be getting his stylists to get his own style, more or less successful, but that he will allow in a future that we identify with the artist that he already is.

Justin Bieber’s style for his new album “Believe”:

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  • New hairstyle: I have already mentioned the famous bangs that Justin Bieber actually made fashionable almost three years ago, when it exploded like a You Tube boom. The 15-year-old did not let anyone touch him, let alone cut his bangs, something he rarely wears now since he has decided to improve a lot with a kind of toupee that actually favors him a lot.
  • Although still beardless, Justin Bieber has learned once and for all to take advantage of his angelic traits and his good boy face, and that is why he now has a much more current “look” with his bangs up and with a slight tousled effect that makes fans melt.

  • Custom jackets: Another of the characteristics of the “new look” of the Canadian singer is that for the cover of “Believe” and for a large part of the promotion he is doing, he has chosen to have leather and jean-style jackets, which They feature the album name on the back. They may be a bit tacky, but the truth is that we only identify them with your product and not with anyone else.
  • Leather gloves: If something characterizes an icon like Michael Jackson, it is the sequined glove that became his trademark. Bieber, who is a full-fledged “copycat” of the king of pop, does not hesitate to put on gloves in each of his performances and on the occasion of the new “Believe” tour it seems that he is going to wear them made of leather, and with the open fingers.

  • Dropped pants: The dropped pants are also part of the singer’s new style and although in fact they have always been, now he wears them a little tighter and better defines his silhouette, although the back part still wears it, perhaps, too low; so much so that it can even play a “trick” on him and make his underpants show if he ends up losing his pants as happened recently.

  • Sneakers: Finally we have to mention footwear, and in fact whenever he can Justin takes the opportunity to wear the best sneakers, now for his new album, he has managed to have a personalized model that we have already seen in various colors, and that it also has a special characteristic, which is having a protruding tongue that has two holes in the center.
  • The brand of this shoe belongs to the firm Supra, one of the singer’s favorites and apparently the chosen model that he now wears in each performance was not gold as seen in the video for “Boyfriend”, so they had to paint it with a spray of this color.

Photogallery of Justin Bieber’s new style for “Believe”:

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Videos of Justin Bieber’s new style for “Believe”:

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