The Ultimate Guide on How to Store Ties

Be it an interview or just an occasion – acing formal wear, a tie is undoubtedly the right way to go about it. Over the years, as fashion evolved, ties have become an integral part of the men’s wardrobe. 

When you have an array of ties, you can choose to either hang them inside your closet or roll them up and store them in a closet. 

This article is to give you an insight into different ways in which you can store ties so that they remain neat and crisp when you pick them in a hurry to wear them on a busy morning. 

Is it better to hang or roll ties

Rolling or Hanging – What’s the best optimal way to store the ties? 

Though you can browse through and find many products designed to store your tie, it boils down to whether you want to roll your ties or hang your ties. Don’t be confused about which one to pick as this article will address all your needs to store ties. 

The two factors you have to consider while storing ties are: 

  1. Storage Space 
  2. Number of ties  
  3. The type of ties

Hanging your ties

Storage Space: Low 

Number of ties: More 

Type of ties: Hanging neckties 

If you have neckties, you can easily hang them using tie hangers or prongs in your closet. By this, you can save space. But, if you have more than 50 ties of unique patterns and shades, your wardrobe might look cluttered and disorganized. And, if not appropriately hanged with separators, there’s a massive chance of your ties getting entangled and clumsy.

Rolling your ties 

best way to store ties long term

Storage Space: high

Number of ties: More

Type of ties: Bow ties

If you have many bow ties and only a few hanging ties you can go for the road in your type storage method. however, you would have to Section the rack or the draught space with dividers that will help you roll your ties and quit separately. 

You can store each of your ties individually in one section of the drawer. 

If you are choosing to go for the roll-up option, you can roll the ties in two efficient ways. 

Ways to Roll Up the Ties

  1. Remove the knots of the tie. Lay it down on a flat surface. Pick the thin end of the tie and roll it into a not-so-light cylinder. 
  2. You can also hold the tie, with your hands, roll it using your thumb and middle finger while it’s swaying on the air. 

Choosing Your Closet Tie Storage

Closets vary in size and shape. Before picking products that will help you organize your ties efficiently, make sure you have an idea about the space, you are willing to give for your good-old-ties to occupy. 

  1. Tie Hangers

Tie hangers made of plastic or metal is commonly used to hang ties. You can hang them in your closet rods. While hanging a tie, fold it into half gently and slide it onto the hanger. Make sure there’s ample space between each tie as clutter will lead to wrinkles on your ties. 

2. Pull-Out Tie racks 

If you don’t have more storage space, but if you still want your racker, you can easily fit in a tie racker to your closet. They fit right inside your cupboard, and you can save space while having your collection of ties organized. 

The Pull-Out tie racks have hooks or hangers attached to a centrepiece that you can easily fit in your closet.  

3. Built-In Tie Rack 

If you have a quite big closet, you can fit a built-in a rack with layers of rods or a wooden box with squares to roll and store your ties in your closet. 

If you wear suits and ties on a daily basis and you enjoy shopping ties and collecting them, Built-In rack is more extensive and visually appealing to store your tie collection. 

4. Tie Drawer 

You can also store ties on the wall. You can build or buy a wooden tie drawer and fix them on the wall. You can roll each of the ties and put them in their slots. This will also be an aesthetic add-on to your wall. 

If you want to keep the colour of your tie coded, visible and orderly this is a fantastic method of storage. 


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However, the vicinity should not be damp, and the ties should be kept from direct exposure of sunlight. You always have to make sure that dust doesn’t get settled in the folds of the ties. That would ruin the texture, pattern and the quality of the ties. 

Is it better to hang or roll ties

How to store ties without wrinkles 

To make sure that your ties don’t have any wrinkles and are crisp, follow the tips mentioned below: 

  1. Always unknot the tie once you use them. Don’t hang them with partial knots as it might lead to more wrinkles when you use it for the next time. 
  2. Make sure your drawer or closet is dust-free. 
  3. Make sure the storage space it not humid. Humidity can spoil the texture of the ties causing wrinkles. 
  4. Read the instructions if you have to iron the wrinkles out from the manual. Though the method of ironing out is the same, the heat to be used might vary based on the material of the tie. 
  5. When you are using a tie rack, cover the shelf with a garment bag to avoid dust and buildup. 

Storing ties with belts

closet tie storage

If you have only countable belts and ties, don’t get into the hassle of getting an entire tie rack built for you. Instead, you can pick a drawer in your closet, roll your belts and ties, keeping it neatly sorted. 

This will help you keep your ties and belts sorted in your closet.

Summing Up

There are different ways to store ties and furniture that can help you organize your ties. But, if you want to keep the ties safe and out of wrinkles, make sure you unknot it, store it away from humidity and dust. 

That’s all it takes for you to keep your precious ties protected and wrinkle-free. 

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