Are Cardigans a Good Alternative To a Blazer

At times, business casual dress code appears to be so confusing, right?

You have to think a hundredth of time to choose a perfect attire before setting off to work.

But, let’s get into what really causes this sort of confusion!

Actually, it arises from the fact that whatever outfit you choose to wear, it should reflect your standard and simultaneously, maintain an absolute balance between your over formal and a more casual outlook.

So, you have to deal with all due patience and calmness while making the right choice of outfit for your business.

A Cardigan over Blazer!

different ways to wear a cardigan

While talking about business casuals, a blazer always deserves to be on the forefront. It’s because the level of versatility that it brings with itself is totally incomparable.

But, on some days, you start feeling a little rebellious with the blazer that you wear to work every day, and therefore, you desperately wish to trade it off with some other classic piece.

Then, at that moment, a cardigan can come to your rescue!

A cardigan is an authentic business casual essential that can serve as a great substitute in the place of a blazer.

Yes, you heard it right! You too can be a big cardigan guy.

How should a cardigan fit?

how should a cardigan fit

Akin to a blazer, the correct fit of a cardigan is really essential to look irresistible. A cardigan usually adapts to the shape of your body.

  • The fit should be absolutely comfortable, i.e., neither too tough nor too loose.
  • The shoulder seams should not come down your bicep. It should rest nicely on your shoulder.
  • The bottom hem should be long enough to cover your waistband but not the pockets of your pants.
  • It should be rightly button-tight so that it doesn’t form a big sag while you bend down.

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6 different ways to wear a cardigan

alternative office wear

Hey there! Are you still not confident about how to wear a cardigan?

Then, worry no more, we have got you covered.

Let’s see six different outfit ideas that involve a classic cardigan.

  • Pair a cardigan with a T-shirt and jeans
cardigan instead of blazer

If you are running on errands or want to spend some leisure time at home, then this comfy and casual outfit will provide you with a sense of extra warmth. When you wear a cardigan with a T-shit like this, you will get a feel of a comfortable jacket.

  • Wear it over a Henley shirt

This is another trendy and masculine style where you have to swap the crew neck t-shirt and wear a long-sleeve Henley under a lightweight cardigan.

Celebrities like Ryan Gosling and Daniel Craig adopt this relaxed and effortless outfit to get a slaying look.

  • Go for a cardigan over a dress shirt and a pair of trousers.

If you want to seize a casual business look, then you don’t have to look any further.

Dress up in a cotton cardigan over a dress shirt and to spice things up, wear a nice pair of trousers with it.

Get a comfy and functional outlook by replacing a knit shirt with your favourite collection of the collared shirt (most preferably an oxford shirt) and wear a cardigan over it. You can be confident with this combination of styles. 

  • Wear it with a sport coat
cardigan blazer men's

Have you got a crucial meeting with your superiors?

Then, opt for a sport coat over your cardigan to save your day. Try to wear a neutral-coloured cardigan as it goes well with almost every other piece of cloth.

  • Wear it with a suit and a tie

Whenever you feel that now it’s a perfect time to upgrade your business dress code, you should go for a full suit and tie. And in the place of a waistcoat, put on a lightweight V-neck cardigan to grab all the attention. 

This look will impart the same visual effect as if you are dressed up in a three-piece suit. But, comparatively, you will feel much lighter and comfortable in a cardigan. 

Can a blazer be worn casually

So, now you have got an idea that once in a while, you are at liberty to wear a cardigan fashionably in the place of a blazer!

Thanks for reading are cardigans a good alternative to a blazer.

are cardigans a good alternative to a blazer

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