It’s always important to keep an eye on the latest fashion trends, but what about workwear? Those clothes that we need to work every day and I don’t just mean office suits, but any job.

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Let’s see below what we can consider work clothes and what garments and products we can find in this regard.

What is work clothes

Work clothes are nothing more than the clothes that we can wear when going to work, either on the street in a construction site or in an office. Depending on the work we have, we can say that the style will obviously vary.

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The work clothes can then be varied depending on the work to be carried out. A person who works with the public will then not have the same needs as someone who works in an office, in a specific service, such as health professionals, or those who are civil servants. Let’s see now what work clothes can be found depending on the profession.

Work clothes according to profession:

Industry and construction

Those people who are dedicated to building construction works, for example, should wear a type of clothing that protects you from all kinds of accidents that you may have. Mainly, construction work clothes are usually polo shirts, dungarees, padded vests, and parka-style jackets with something reflective in case you have to work in the dark.

In addition, the footwear that these people usually wear is usually quite specific, reinforced to be able to work by stepping on surfaces that are sometimes hard or have special conditions.

Hotels and restaurants

Those of you who work as cooks, or waiters, will dress in the appropriate uniform that is generally made up of t-shirts or polo shirts, an apron and matching pants. Usually the suits or work clothes of the hospitality industry usually consist of a suit for either men or women and where the apron is the main protagonist.

As for these employees’ footwear, they are usually comfortable footwear for the many hours they spend standing and with a reinforced sole to prevent slipping.

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Aesthetics and hairdressing

Although it is a profession that still belongs to women, the truth is that aesthetics currently has many men dedicated to it. To work in this field it is necessary that you wear a jacket (also known as a tunic) and pants.


Mandarin jacket and pants, although other types of shirts can also be used. It is usually colored like blue or white.


On the other hand, we would have to mention that there are many other jobs that require a uniform or specific work clothes, such as mechanical workshops, bakers or those who work in transport, for example, as well as people employed by the home. They all usually wear uniforms.

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To this we have to add the accessories that are also found in work clothes and that can be safety belts, or special vests and even the aforementioned footwear, whether they are construction boots or the typical clogs that are usually used in healing.


Special mention should be made of work clothes for those people who, for example, work for free, or in a store or in an office and which correspond to regular dress clothes but with some details.

Work clothes for offices or shops:

Finally we talk about work clothes for those who have jobs that are given in the office or in front of the public, they are perhaps the best when it comes to dressing, since in the first case we can bet on a suit with a tie or dress in a suit but only with a shirt and pants, while in a store we can opt for jeans and a shirt. Something casual but without having a too urban style.

Garments for work clothes

We have already seen what clothes to choose depending on what our work is, but can we see these clothes in a more specific way? We show you below:

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Work overalls for construction

Workers of old used to wear full coveralls in colors like blue. Overalls that mechanics also used to use, but nowadays we have to say that work clothes have been modernized, and in this sector we find overalls like those of arriga, which allow greater freedom of movement.

In fact we can even find other models like the previous one, or this one that goes for a more classic version already mentioned.

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Overalls for firefighters

The firefighter overalls is another type of specific work clothing. This is a suit that has a special reinforcement to withstand high temperatures in the event of having to put out a fire, as well as having reflective strips to be seen in the case of working at night.

Police Uniform

On the other hand we have to talk about the uniform that police officers usually wear. They usually dress in very specific colors such as blue or green, with a shirt and pants, adding a belt in which they carry their weapon, their “walkie talkie”, and other necessary elements for the work of their function.

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Health clothing

In the field of health, doctors, nurses and assistants, as well as orderlies, usually wear a uniform that is made up of a comfortable shirt and pants given the many hours they work on duty. We can also add the “typical” white doctor’s coat that is always associated with them.

Catering clothing

Also among the work clothes we can mention those garments intended for the field of hospitality. Normally, the waiters, the chef and those who work in the kitchen of a restaurant usually wear shirts and pants, which are usually white. In addition, we can add the use of aprons, and of course, hats, something essential in this field.

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Clothing for dependents

Normally, people who work in stores, be it a fashion store, a technology store or a simple supermarket, usually also wear specific work clothes. The “uniform” of this type of work is usually a polo shirt and pants. If you also work in a supermarket or bakery for example, you may also need to wear an apron.

Office worker or executive clothes

Finally, we want to talk about the suit that executives or office workers usually wear. It usually consists of a classic suit, white shirt and tie, although in recent years it can be seen that in many offices, wearing a tie is not so much anymore.

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I leave you photos of some of the work clothes that we can find depending on the profession:

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