What are the ads for the mythical perfumes in the history of television

For a long time it has been unimaginable to think in a holiday season, like FATHER’S DAY, without the famous perfume commercials on TV. That is why today I wanted to look back and rescue for you the best perfume advertisements of recent years. Are you curious to see which have been the most controversial? Gape in awe.

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For several years, it is unimaginable to think of a festive season without the mythical perfume advertisements, even becoming part of this great event. Whether it’s Christmas, Father’s Day,…

For this reason, at Moda Ellos, we want to bring you the best perfume videos of recent years, those that remain etched in our memories and that have managed to become recognized throughout the world. Do you want to know what they are? Liven up your boring day with the most mythical advertisements for men’s perfumes.

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CH Men by Carolina Herrera: The “terrible person”

One of the drawbacks of perfume advertising is that you have to sell it, by this I mean that if you want to sell a perfume to the customer, they want it to smell good without them having the chance to try it, so they have to work much images and concepts to make them powerful. For this reason, in all the advertisements we see the image of a successful and confident man. I believe that this ad, by Carolina Herrera Men, was one of the first to call my attention in this regard. Who doesn’t want to become a terrible person after seeing this ad?

One Million and his famous snap of fingers: Paco Rabanne

A perfume that raised some controversy at its premiere, as happened with those of Clavin Klein, due to the supposed machismo of the ad. Who can’t remember that famous snap of the fingers with which the protagonist had everything he wanted, including the girl getting naked at the end? Like everyone, he seeks to sell the image of victory.

Massimo Dutti and the soundtrack for posterity

We are not used to such chutzpah as to the underlying intent of this ad. Sometimes they manage to create great spots that, without saying a word, usually manage to convey sensations. With the always elegant black and white, a very handsome man and a beautiful, already recognizable soundtrack (Antony and the Johnsons – Hope there’s someone). This Massimo Dutti advertisement has managed to make a very important hole in our memory. I’m sure I’m not the only one who, upon hearing a few chords from this soundtrack, is reminded of this famous ad.

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212 from Carolina Herrera and New York

This spot managed, like Massimo Dutti’s, to convey many things through the display of simple and almost spontaneous images. I don’t even know how long this advert has been around, Carolina Herrera 212, but always, every time I turn on the TV, I can see this unconditional spot since I can remember.

Dolce & Gabbana’s dream beaches

This spot makes a name for itself in the Olympus of Moda Ellos ads. With a spectacular physique of the models it becomes more than recognizable when you see it. With this advertisement we can see all the Italian essence of Dolce & Gabbana thanks to all the sensuality in its Light Blue images and that have become a classic in perfume advertisements.

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“Le Male” and his rudeness: Jean Paul Gaultier

If you think you are cool, with this ad you will see yourself reflected. We cannot forget the mythical escape of the strong sailor by Jean Paul Gaultier, who does not hesitate, at any time, to leave the impressive girl in bed to go to his duties at sea. Both the perfume and the spot have been placed in the first steps, if not the first, in the history of the best perfumes.

A classic that we cannot forget: Selfish!

While this may not be the most current announcement, I think it has earned a spot on our list. There’s no way you haven’t seen this ad on TV: Égoïste de Chanel.

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So far the most mythical television spots of recent years. Do you miss any? Do you like them? I think it will depend on your tastes. Do you think that these ads get what they want, that they are bought? Or do they serve another function? Tell us your opinions.

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