What outerwear do you choose for 2013? The best look with Pull & Bear

It seems that the cold is giving us a little respite this winter (for at least in Madrid), but as we already know and experience supports us, at any moment it can appear again and leave us all frozen, literally. Today I bring you the best coats and jackets from the Pull & Bear Low Cost brand. When you go outside, put on your coat!

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For this winter season in 2013, the firm has a more than considerable collection of coats that delight everyone’s taste. We can see that the predominant colors are navy blues and browns, it is a bit surprising that we do not see a trace of black. Let’s see what Pull & Bear has in store for us.

Pull & Bear’s Best Outerwear

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The Sheep

The trend for outerwear that does not seem to go away are the collars that have sheep’s wool. After spending a couple of winters wearing them, brands still advise us to continue betting on the sheepskin trend, but with new cuts and styles.

This winter, Pull & Bear wants to give this trend a very austere touch, and it lines the inside of the garment and the lapels. These coats are very combinable with good jeans.

Fur hooded coats

Very different from the style of sheep wool coats is the coat that has the hoods surrounded by hair. I don’t know if you will like it, but I already have one in my closet because I love them.

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And you, which one do you prefer?

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